Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lazy Saturday

Pictures via pininterst 

I wanna visit New York soon

This song is wonderful 

What a lazy Saturday. I lost track of the days too (thinking that today is Sunday) anyway. I'm blogging at 1.30 am now. Holiday is so fun! I literally stay at home almost everyday. Haven't step out of my house since one-two-three-four-five-countless days and I'm beginning to get use to this. I've been doing a bit of yoga at home, listening to music, online shopping, reading about fashion/photography. It's just so peaceful here at home. 

And i must say my friends are all getting a little annoyed with what i've been doing lately - which is staying at home all day long. They just wish I could hang out with them for a while. haha. Alright! Just gonna get my thoughts fix and i will be out and about soon. 

How did you spend your Saturday? I hope it was well spent! xx

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