Sunday, May 19, 2013

Seoul, Korea ✈ ✈ ✈

When I was 18, i asked myself when would i have the chance to visit Seoul. I thought i probably would only be able to go when I turn 22? And so thank god, my wish is granted 2 years earlier! It took me a pretty while to save enough money for this trip. haha. 

Sat on my dream job airline (SQ) and off I fly to Korea ~~ (I think its every girl's dream to be an air stewardess.)

Stayed at Gangnam district at Ibis Seoul Hotel. They have very clean facilities & super convenient to go to the subway station/COEX Mall/take taxi/good food/cafes.. 


This is at Dongdaemun, a paradise for shopping for clothes. However, I realized that the clothes are not cheap in this area. You may wanna go somewhere else to buy your clothes. I also don't like that I have to bargain when i was shopping at Dongdaemun. Although I managed to get the clothes at much cheaper price... BUT!!! They still cost quite a lot for me. I rather spend that money to buy clothes from H&M / F21. The prices are around the same anyway. 

E.g. They sell one dress for SGD60. WTH? 
top for SGD30-40 
Bottom SGD 40-65 

Just a rough idea of how their prices are quoted there. Brr~~ Not worth it. 

Tom N Toms Coffee. 

Seoul has this brand almost everywhere.  

Spotted another Tom N Toms Coffee while on the cab. 

One thing i realize about drivers in seoul : Drivers love to rush

They literally can just change lane here & there, and if they are unhappy, they horn. hahaha. But its good for me cause i like fast drivers. 


My favorite shopping district when i was there. Cheap and very nice clothes. By cheap i mean that's almost 40% cheaper than dongdaemun. And the super awesome thing is that clothes are tagged "Made in Korea" instead of "Made in China" - which makes the stuff look more reasonable to buy! 

One spaghetti top - Made in Korea : SGD4 !!!! 

wahahaha i bought so many different colours of the same design. The quality is fabulous and the price is just sooooooo affordable. yay! And really, it says Made in Korea. 

And this is the place filled with Korean makeup brands such as Misha, TheFaceShop, Inisfree, Etude House, Too Cool For School, Tony Moly, The SAEM, natural republic and many many more. 

The top 3 brands that i've purchased madly from were Misha, Laneige and Inisfree. 

10 pcs of hydrating masks from Misha is 10,000 krw (SGD11.60) !!!! 

Singapore is selling 3 pcs for $10 please! LOL. 

I was so happy i think i bought tons of masks. Its sure enough to last till the end of this year. 

Kraze Burger 

Very popular fast food restaurant in Seoul as well. 

I love all the pink. I bought lots of nail polish from them. Because its 1 for 1! LOLOL. One nail polish from Etude House is only arnd sgd2. So i bought 2 nail polish for sgd2 only??? Ahhh i was so excited! 

Another good bargain. If you visit Myeongdong, check for this shop for Payless. Their shoes are very comfortable and selling at very affordable price. 

This place actually reminds me of BATA when i first saw it from the outside. I don't know why i went in but I didn't regret it cause i bought 2 very pretty and comfy shoes from there! It is not like BATA at all. Payless is so much more trendy & cool. 

Paris Baguette. Very famous in Seoul and has many outlets too. Their bread is awesome. Their icecream is amazing~~~ I took pictures of them in different flavors. lol. Check it out as you scroll down. 

Last night at Seoul... Love this rainy day. 

5.30am in the morning looking at an empty road. 


Had take out food from a nearby food cafe at the hotel. Love the korean style of packing take outs. 

Paris Baguette Bread 

I love korean seafood pancake! 

After eating seoul's JjaJangMyeong, i concluded that the imitated Jja Jang Myeong at sg local food stall sucks. 

Love their beef soup as well! 

Kraze Burger

I wanted to try all their flavors. But only manage to eat chocolate, green tea and strawberry flavor.

Icecream from Paris Baguette rocks! 

Last but not least, beef bbq. 


TheFaceShop and Etude House. 

Doota at Dongdaemun 


*random picture* 

The first day of my shopping trip. 

Bought this for my friend, KK. She will love it. haha. 

Laneige. Bought their skincare routine set, sunblock, eye cream and BB cream. Love them all! 

Seoul, thanks for giving me such a great time in your country. I will visit all the iconic places the next time i come here. *Seoul Tower* *Han River* 

Coming back to Singapore gives me a strange feeling. Oh well... Gonna miss all the crazy k-pop songs that were playing on the TV too. 


P/S: Make sure you leave your hotel at least 30 minutes earlier than expected when leaving Korea and back to your hometown. The Incheon Airport has crazy queues. Almost missed my flight back if i were to pause for 4 more minutes. 


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