Sunday, June 2, 2013

A post dedicated to all heartbroken people

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I like to listen to Power 98 FM when i'm at home sometimes. And it is my favourite radio channel when i'm in the car. And currently they are playing "I will always love you" which, i swear, is my favorite song of all times. 

So being a little sentimental, I thought i can just share something about love. (Also it is the start of the second half of 2013. How time flies...)

This is a post dedicated to all heartbroken people out there. 

Before I even talk about anything, allow me to say something: 'Everything happens for a reason'. Believe it or not, it is true. Imagine if you didn't break up with your ex, will you know what kind of partner you will look for/be careful of in the future? Imagine if you didn't have your heart broken, will you cherish or realize who are the ones who truly are there for you? If you didn't cry over heartbreaks, will you cherish the happiness then? 

There are two types of love relationships out there. There are the practical love: whereby money rules basically everything, the crazy love: whereby you guys just fall deep into love well and can't get out of it anymore. 

I guess i'm somewhat in between. Basically money is important but it shouldn't be the top reason why we should be together. Thus, the latter stands a higher percentage. I tend to fall into the love well right one week or so after I know a new guy. I trust my instinct and he makes my heart pump faster every time i see him. He makes me smile crazily on the phone and almost everywhere i go. So i thought we can start out a relationship since we both feel the same way. Unfortunately none of it last. I was heartbroken and I didn't know what to do. I miss those times when our hearts will pump fast with adrenaline rushing. I miss those really crazy love moments. 

Call me crazy or dreamer, I like to imagine the best moments that could happen in our lives and be crazily in love. 

I strongly believe that a relationship with your partner should always make you smile and feel proud of yourself. 

You should feel good and you should like being yourself. 

You should not be acting like someone else (even though you think you can eventually become 'that person' as long as you get use to it). 

You might be afraid to show that person your true self because you might think he/she won't like it. But you know what? You have got to be at your most true self and show it. If your partner doesn't like it or u guys start arguing because of your behavior/personality, then I guess it simply means your partner is not your right fit! 

So don't cry over spilled milk. Don't feel that this relationship is wasted. Don't feel bad (unless you are the one who did something wrong that ruin the relationship). 

If you are in a relationship that often drags you down more than pushing you up or supporting you...
If you are always crying over this relationship more than making you smile...
If you feel that you are always putting in more efforts and they are not being appreciated...
Then i seriously suggest that you should consider if this relationship is even worth moving further. It takes two hands to make a sound, meaning it takes two people in the relationship to work it out. 

Don't feel sad that this is not working out because it simply means he or she is not your right fit. And if you believe that everything happens for a reason, believe that something even better could be waiting for you just right across the road! 

I always give myself a time limit to be sad when my relationship ends. More often or not it exceeds my time limit (sorry about this but i'm just a sentimental person like this). But overall the time limit works because it sets me to a new road where I tell myself this:

"OK yuenman, you have cried enough. Your period of sadness should end here. Something wonderful will definitely come. Just throw it away and be stronger now. You can do this!" 

Yes that's what I tell myself and i always will strive to be even better. 

After every break up that you have, aim to be better than before. As you grow older, you will soon realize how far you have come and you will be surprise by how much you have actually conquered over these years. 

There is magic to the right person you meet. When you meet that right person, you will know it. And your heart and every inch of your soul will tell you that 'This is it. I have found it." 

So learn to be cool and get over the breakup rather than being too attached to the outcome. Learn to know that these people is just a part of your journey to discovery.

Because they were just not meant to be part of your future. 

Because believe that your life is like a storybook. You are the writer and you write every chapter. Suggest that every break up is the end of a chapter. Take a rest and get ready for the next chapter. You might happen to write even more beautiful and amazing things in the next chapter! 

Hang in there guys. This is tough. Always easier said than done but once you get over it, you will realize how much more good things are waiting for you. 

All you need to do now is to get up both feet now and start to think what wonderful things can happen in your next chapter. Of course it takes time but just give yourself maximum 6 months to heal the wound okay? I promise you that you won't want to miss out the good things that can happen in your life if you delay for too long. 

When the time is right, the person meant for you will come. And you will know it. The feeling, i swear, is the most comfortable, most happening, sweetest, most romantic, most amazing feeling ever. 

Lastly, above all these, don't be afraid to fall in love again. :) 

Now i will give you lots and lots of hearts and love and hope you will feel happier now! 

Quoted from Oprah Winfrey 'Turn Your Wounds into Wisdom' 

With love, Good Luck :)


  1. Guess you are right.. he is just not meant to be. haix

    1. Don't be upset sweetheart. Its always easier for us to say "move on" but i know it takes damn lots of effort to really do it. Give urself some time and hope you write amazing story lines for your next chapter :)

  2. hey when will aoshi be releasing the photos of your shoot? it's been damn long since he previewed us and the wait is just agonizing!

    1. Hello I have no idea. He is been very busy lately. Should be releasing this month. Stay tune!

  3. What are your experiences? I'm sure you have had your heart broken, and vice versa ;)