Saturday, June 22, 2013

Last week & Now

Last week, hang out with my friend Yoan. We really don't meet often. When we met, we complained all the stuff to each other. We talked about work, school, future, clothes, people, relationships, heartbreaks, jokes. The Coffee Club at town is quite a nice place to hang out with friends! Because there's a big TV screen at the opposite and you can observe people walking pass. I like to observe people... E.g. Scan through their dressing style. There will be imaginary red cross over the items that i think mismatches their outfits/style. lol. Even i do this to myself sometimes! 
Yoan trying hard for this picture. haha. 
 Yeap... Its me complaining... (An unglam shot) When i was in Primary School, friends call me complain queen. Am i really one?! :( And wait, i love the maxi dress that i was wearing that day. Its so beautiful! Bought it in Korea and the material is just too comfortable. Would be even better if i wear this with a pair of sandal heels. 
And the sunset was just right infront of me... Nice! 

We agreed to go out for shopping together today. But I'm too tired to be out now! All thanks to my pri school friends. We played mahjong last night until 5am this morning. I swear I was brain dead. Lost money & we went for supper before KO drove us home. I never like to gamble because i'm not very good with luck. But since we seldom meet up, and they won't play if we don't gamble, then gamble my money away it is! (Sorry if you don't really understand my English. I didn't have a good sleep 'this morning'. And i'm revising my Math now!)  

Ok... gonna go back for revision. May God please give me power and intelligence to study hard and pass my Bridging Course as well as the following 2 years of Uni. 

How's your Saturday going so far? Hope you are enjoying your weekend! 

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