Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My next 'collection' of rings

Bridging course has finally started and today is the second day of school. I'm shock at how this Econs teacher is teaching because if you are not paying attention, you will just lost track later on. Anw, I feel so stupid now that I used to think students from SIM are those that don't have the study material type. :( . Because right now I am one of them. LOL. But when i get into the lesson, bloody shit... It is a headache. Well, you just need to pick a good university in SIM to study. And I still don't like to mention that i'm under SIM. Can't I just say im studying in University of London? Why must there be "Oh under SIM?" Brr... That's just life. Now face it and start doing my revision for today's lesson now. 

Anyway, I've done 6 rings so far and I wanna do more! I love wearing rings and this is definitely one way for me to save a lot of money. Because I don't really like wearing fancy big rings. Just simple ring that is elegant/cool/nice and I can make those! (Unless its a printed ring then I can't) 

Image via JewelMint on pininterest

Any inspirations so far? I guess I have it in my mind already :). Will start this very soon once I get the hang of going back to school again. 

How was your first 2 days of the week so far? I hope everything is good. Byess! 

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