Friday, June 21, 2013

Quick Update

Hello everybody! Okay... a week has passed. Feeling not bad. Hope everyone is safe and sound from the haze! Try to stay indoor as much as possible. Though i'm advising you guys to stay indoor, i'm actually heading out to meet KK for icecream now. We said we're gonna play mahjong over at her house but apparently one of our friends don't seem like he wants to stay up too late! So we shall see how. 

Yay, this is just a really quick post about what i'm doing right now! Follow me on instagram and twitter! I'm in the middle of making new rings. I can't wait to share this with you guys ASAP :) 

Have a good Friday and if you are thinking of going to club, come to me for guestlists @ dream! Just give me a text/call alright? :) 

PS: but don't ask me for guestlists anymore if you are calling me at 12am. 

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