Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Update!

(Almost no make up)
 How Bad? 

Resting my nails before i put another color for this week. It's been a month full of ups and down. Hopefully July will be much better. And all the best for my Bridging Exam thats happening in July 17th and 19th!! I feel like in school again because i made some new friends in school! It is really difficult for us, UOL Students, to make new friends because we don't have tutorial lessons and only lectures. So, you got to be brave and start making friends or else your Uni life is gonna be all alone. haha. I am starting to cherish the times spend with school friends, especially when we can study together. I was in school from 8.30 am to 5pm today! My lesson ended at 11.30am and i stayed to revise my Econs. Am i good or bad now? hahaha. 

Btw, i am never a school-person. Now praise me that i am changing this bad habit and start making friends in school :) . 

New rings coming up soon! I can't wait! I spent some time making those infinity rings. Any suggestions for the next collection? 

Mid-week is coming. Good Luck! 

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