Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why shouldn't we buy branded bags at this age?

I use to buy bags from Charles & Keith because I love their designs. Their collection always amaze me. It was to the point where i decided to splurge $250 on their products just to get the membership card. And then, unfortunately, something happened one day and I gave up this brand. LOL. Ok, its not that i won't buy their stuff anymore but it won't be a top preference anymore. 

And i found my new love... ZARA! (I also like Riverisland) I love Zara's shoes & bags. I like them being classy, elegant yet casual. Which are some of the brands that you like? 

Well, i also love Prada, LV, 3.1 Philip Lim, Alexander Wang(my favorite), Isabel Marant (oh god i want one of their sneakers too!) and etc. Who doesn't?! Fortunately for me, I think its not suitable for me to buy one now at my age, especially bags. Sorry guys, but i have this 'issue' about people carrying branded bags and taking MRT/bus. Because I wonder why will they wanna splurge on branded bags when they are always taking pubic transport. Coach is still fine cause its really cheap in USA. Branded bags i mean like the really top ones. Its also not nice to see them carrying the branded bag when their outfit totally does not match it. 

This is just my personally opinion and i'm sure if that makes you happy then go ahead. But for me, I won't buy one until i get my own car! And even if i own one (without a car), i guess i will take a cab when I am carrying it out that day. Don't you think that it feels weird when people are looking at your beautiful branded handbag while you are the MRT

Anyway I'm happy with just ZARA, Riverisland, H&M, TopShop & etc now. I really don't think i should own one anytime soon. 

And the reasons why I think people at my age (i'm 20 this year) seem to die for branded bags now is because:

1. Influence by their friends
2. Watch too much high rolling life shows (lol ok this is just a joke but maybe its true for some!) 
3. Influence by big celebrities 
5. Want to follow the trend
4. Want to show off how 'wealthy' they are at this young age. 

Yeah...probably those. What else can you think of? Share them below the comment section! 

Ok...unless you will really die if you can't have one branded bag now then fine. I have nothing to say. 

And what are the reasons why i think we shouldn't own branded bags now at this age? 

1. You are still a student.
2. I don't think it is wise to save thousands of $$$ just to buy the bag when ur monthly allowance is only hundreds? 
3. Even if you work and you have that money, it is also not wise because you can use that money in better ways other than splurging on new branded bag at this age. 
4. No one really cares because at your age, you are still young & you don't need to have that status so quickly. 

Well unless you are born from a wealthy family and your parents have all the money in the world to buy you branded bags or that your mum owns plenty of them, then you are just a lucky girl. Or your boyfriend is a millionaire and he is willing to splurge money on you. 

I mean, even for wallets. Although it may seem that many girls like me now have a Chanel wallet, Prada wallet, MiuMiu wallet & etc, i don't seem to be influence by them and buy one for myself too! Isn't that great? haha. 

I mean its really not my style to have one now. My current wallet is from Samantha Vega and I love it. It doesn't make me look old. It still feels youthful, classy & loving! The most expensive bag that i've bought so far was only Samantha Vega and it was only $240 (comparing to thousands of dollar branded bags). I also like Samantha Thevasa, which i think its suitable for my age. And that's the limit i will go. 

Seriously, you don't need to rush to get yourself branded things now because you will have all the money to buy it 'properly' in the future. Although it may tempt you a little bit sometimes, especially when all your friends seem to have one, don't give up on your values. 

My mum use to tell me that branded things are meant for the old ladies because that's when they need to have those status and feel secure! Are you old yet? Also in the working society, especially when you do sales, clients will feel that you are more trustworthy/capable if you own some of those branded goods. Yeah, the world just suck but this is how it rolls. 

So for now, ZARA is good enough. :) Perhaps when i'm 21 i will get myself a Samantha Thevasa bag and wallet? haha. I love how elegant & classy & cute the bags are. I'm not a fan of cute bags but they just look very nice. 

If you are reading this and you are 20-24, studying, still supported by parents, and own one of these bags, don't feel like i'm pinpointing you. If you are happy with it, then fine. Just have limits. I've heard of girls working really hard, discreetly, just to buy branded bags for themselves! Stay strong on your values & do it the right way! 

Ok. That's all for now & if you have any comments, comment them below and be nice! xx

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  1. Wow girls like you who don't look for branded stuff are rare now.