Saturday, July 6, 2013

KCYM x 1.1 Rings

Hello Beautiful People! I'm so glad that i can finally show you my first ever masterpiece on the KCYM rings that i've done a month ago. :D. 
 I know the infinity ring has been a popular choice for all girls out there! So i decided to make Not-One but two infinity rings for myself! haha. I have other designs on infinity rings actually. Perhaps i should make more designs yeah? What do you think? 
 What i wore to school that day with my rings. 

How do you like them? :) 
 And trying to camwhore abit with KCYM. hahaha. 

That day, i studied in school till 6.30pm before heading for dinner with a friend. This dinner brought back so much memories on the days i spent with everyone during the Poly days, especially you. But hey... life goes on. Be strong. I need to persevere :) . 

Anyway, I really need you guys to tell me how you feel about the rings! You are welcome to show me pictures on the rings that you like and tag me on Instagram or Twitter. Give me inspirations! 

Currently, i'm working on the next collection. And after this, i will be making bracelets for the Autumn Season. 

If you wish to buy any of the rings above for you or your friend as a gift, do fb msg, dm, email or text me. The rings DON'T TURN RUSTY. Self-designed, handmade, #KCYM. I'm working on customized rings now. If you would like a similar infinity ring with a twist of your own style, you can tell me and we will work sth out! 

PM me for the price now! 
Currently receiving orders from several friends already. You go Yuenman! Goodluck to myself. haha. 

Enjoy the Saturday! 

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