Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New KCYM Ring

Hi guys, its KCYM ring again. Gosh! I stopped working for 3 weeks! lol. I thought i will just make a really simple twist ring for myself to wear. So i got this for myself. Please send me any designs that you like! I need inspiration! 
How do you like this ring? 

Anw, really loving the new MAC lipstick that was bought by my boyfriend. Looks natural in the pictures right? Errr... We were shopping & i went to check out on bright pink lipstick because i don't have one. My bf is quite stubborn & he insisted on paying so that's his first gift for me. I LOVE IT! ok... Dear boyfriend if you may stop splurging on me. We will save this money & invest in more stocks. lol. 

It's been all good recently. Do you know why some people like to talk behind your back? Its because they are always behind you. They don't know who you really are and they assume that they are smart & judge you by your cover. Let's not be affected by these people. Do your things correctly, be yourself and that's all that matter. Don't care about what people think about you because they are not you and being able to be your true self is a happy thing. Only true friends are happy for you when you are being honest & true to yourself. Don't try to be someone else just to let someone who dislike you to like you. Its obviously because we are of different channels. And its pointless to switch to other channels just to suit the other person. He/She will never be one of the true friends anyway. Stop wasting energy! :) 

I can use this energy and enjoy my time with my bf instead. hahaha. Anyway its just a job and i don't see your face everyday. hahahaha. 

I hope you guys who are having similar problem as me to be brave & be yourself. Seriously, they won't be with you throughout your life. 

Be Happy :) 

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