Friday, September 27, 2013

September in a snapshot

Hey everyone! Been almost 3 weeks since i last updated my blog. People always say they are occupied with stuff and thus the lack of updates but it isn't in my case, im just being lazy haha. 

So what did i do the whole of September?! I'm glad that September is ending soon because it draws me closer to Christmas! Christmas is my favorite festival. It is romantic & heartwarming to me. What's your favourite festival? Guess my bf's favourite festival is Chinese New Year because that's the time he gets ang bao. haha. Well too bad for me my relatives don't live here and i'm not the kind who will visit friend's place to collect ang bao. So i don't really have ang baos, except for this year's CNY. Cause i celebrated it in Hong Kong! 

You can read my Lunar New Year post here and my 
CNY firework post here 

I REALLY MISS HONG KONG! Hopefully I am able to fly over for awhile during end of October.

Ok, back to the topic. What did i do in September? 
  • I work
  • I went to school. University has officially started!!! 
  • I hang out with my boyfriend 
  • I start doing a lot of housework. (Guess i become a clean freak) 

That's all... 

And since it was autumn festival. My bf's dad drove us to visit the lanterns at Gardens By The Bay. Gosh, its kinda my first time visiting such an event. Definitely had a great time spent with my boyfriend and his family :) . Plus, that area is my favourite place in Singapore. How can i not love it?! 
 Each style is designed by an organisation in Singapore. I love the one designed by Keppel Land, if i didn't remember wrongly. 
 And this is my boyfriend... 
 And his face looks like duck here. hahahaha. I don't know why but his face looks like a potato! Haha its so cute! 
 A picture taken by his mum. Perfect candid :). 

Alright... so some random pics. 
I happened to dig out some ID photos of myself when i was very young... OMG lol. My face on the right is so stern. I guess my mum saw it and told me to smile so ...there...the pic on the left. Totally different expression. Looking at my face, it is really 女大十八变. I have an uglier one but i chose not to upload it! LOL. That pic is really too funny and ugly. hahahaha. 

 Some more things to laugh at. Saw a post uploaded by my friend on facebook. I can't stop laughing at it. Read what the girl is saying. hahahaha. Until now i still can't get over this. 
And my bf and i played candles :) . We built a house.... 
My bf did a penis... Sigh. lol. Anyway its his first time playing candles! I wonder how his childhood is like. lol. 
 And of course a heartshape done by us. 
Last night at his house, he suddenly opened his window and drew sth from outside. Not bad yeah... He knows what is romantic! LOL. We were both laughing cause we think this is damn lame. 

Alright, that's all so far for the pictures. Recently i face problems during work. It really quite pisses me off. Certainly i am not someone who likes to hate people. I always avoid hating people. I try to console myself by thinking that it is only a temporary job. I am not gonna see this person forever. I have no reason to be upset! 

A saying goes like this "What a person do to someone reflects what kind of person he/she is." If he is always saying bad things about his 'friend' (certainly not a friend cuz friends don't badmouth about each other), then it just means this person is bad himself too. 

When someone say things that can hurt you, you can choose not to accept it. Then, these words go back to them. They slap their own mouth. 

We face problems a lot of times. I have learned to face them positively (trying my best). We can't satisfy everyone. What's most important is to do things that we will be happy about! 

Don't regret on things that you've done. Regret on the things that you didn't do when you had the chance. From now on, let's aim for a brighter side and fight for our future! Gonna be tough but let's just say we fast forward 50 years. Looking back, we will see that we didn't waste our youth and time. We are all living to fight for the things we want. Right? 

Goodluck everyone :) 

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