Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Short Late October Post!

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts! It's like i don't have the time to do it (Oh yeah maybe i had but i was just been lazy...)  So i will just post a few pictures. looking back at what i've done.... 

 Was with my boyfriend at iKea and we had a really awesome time! I've been wanting to go there for a really long time because i wanted to make my room even nicer. 
 And i bought a dog as well.. His name is Hugo. It's such a great feeling to know that Hugo won't die (because he is not a real living dog.duh. haha) Living dogs die and that feeling sucks to the max. I can already imagine it. So i will never get a dog myself. NEVER. Hate the feeling of watching my love ones die when im still around breathing. 
 But the main thing for the trip to ikea was actually the food! haha. I was so shocked to know that my baby has never eaten these food before. Actually he has not been to a lot of places. It will take time for me to bring him everywhere to eat that i know of. He is such a home boy! He stays at home playing poker all day long recently. (err-hmm so do i HAHA) 
 Every weekend, bf's parents would drive out to have their lunch/some shopping. Its like couple time for them. Sweet. This day, they brought us to eat the famous lor mee. I have to say its really nice! I don't eat lor mee because i don't like how it looks and i think the noodles suck but this was really good. If you have eaten this before, you will know where im talking about becuz i forgot the name of the place. Its called bukit sth if i m not wrong. 
 I have a habit of celebrating things with A CAKE. yes A CAKE. It's just me. It signifies a meaning and its something good to celebrate for! Its like you are blessed with something. You get what i mean? Some people just don't understand this meaning and they think i'm crazy but everyone has their own preference. Mine is just a little bit uncommon? 
Working on a halloween night at Fenix Room. There were free popcorn! We took lots of them haha. Cuz nobody was eating it. By 11pm, i have a whole bunch of guests queuing outside, waiting for me and Eileen to give them the chop. And we had to put on some halloween makeup. This is my first time having a halloween make up. I didn't like the idea initially because i don't want my face to have cuts/bruises. I thought they are gonna make us look like zombies!!! Urgh, hate it. But... the experience was nice. At least i still look nice with cuts on my face LOL. 
Asked my bf if he still wants me if i looked like this, he said "duh" lol Are you sure??? I don't believe. 
Just yesterday i was really sick. Had a slight fever and the next morning i was having a high fever. My bf took a picture of me cuz he says i look cute with the coolinh adhesive. Like a baby. I was too sick to do anything to stop him. 

Thanks him for taking care of me :) Though my dad said i could go home and he will take care of me since he is not working but i didn't want to take a cab to go home. Its freaking expensive! I live in AMK my bf stays in Jurong. lol. 

Alright, i really wanna try something more fun and pose more nice pictures up on my blog! I need a good camera and a good light ring or sth like that for it. Any recommendation? 

Time to poker now. Bye.
P/S: Really thanks to the few of you left who are still reading my blog. haha. I will work harder! 

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