Thursday, December 19, 2013

Make up for this festive season

Hello everyone! 

So today its like the last day of school for 2013!!! (sort of cause there's still one more lesson at 330pm on Monday but it's kinda like a wrap for this year!) I'm super excited for next week because i will be flying to Hong Kong with my boyfriend! Yes! For Christmas! How awesome? *heartshape eyes* We will be coming back after the New Year. I can't wait for the trip! I can see my mother, i can see my baby cousin, i can see my grandma, i can see everyone, i can go shopping, i can eat good authentic cantonese food (Yes im a cantonese), i can see the beautiful christmas lights with my baby. I will have so much fun! 

How are you guys celebrating this festive season? :) 

In prep for this year's wonderful Christmas, i decided to have red lip on. Red dark lip is definitely a trend for this season. I've been eyeing on Mac's burgundy lipstick and 3CE's dark lip tint. But i think i'm rocking this red lip tint that i bought from Etude House too. It's only $8.90! 

I actually wanted to show more of the make up for the eye part but i don't have a camera now and i can only take pictures with my mac air book/my iphone. Soon... i'm guessing i needa get one soon? Just to take really nice pictures for you guys! 


Blouse is from runway bandits (click on the link) 

Ahh another good news! I've done a few more rings for myself for this Christmas and they are ready! I can't wait to show you guys. Also, i've been designing some necklaces (or rather, doing the necklaces that i've been wanting to get). Jewelry ordered from customers are almost done and are ready to be sent out! Just in time for Christmas. This time, i will package the Jewelry really nicely for my customers! lol. 

If you are interested to get a customized ring/necklace for yourself/your girlfriend/your friend/your mum/your cousin/your BFF too, you can always FB msg, twitter dm or whatsapp me if you have my number. If you have seen some of the rings that i've done previously and would like to own one too! I am more than willing to do the same design just for you! 

Price starts from $38 (for ring) 
starts from $75 (for necklace) 
Material: Pure silver 
Waiting time: About 1-2 week

Alright, i guess i'm logging off now. Bye! 

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