Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ravishing Mac Lipstick

(enjoy this smooth music) 

What's up guys! I'm blogging again. Trying another lip color this time. I'm using ravishing mac lipstick. I totally understand why girls need so many shades of lipstick and so many different kinds and color of bags, shoes & clothes. lol. We are born to be attracted to beautiful things and we are never enough of having more!

As consumer theory say "More is always good". Even the economists say so. Haha. Alright, enough of random stuff.

I'm finally, almost, done with all the orders from my beautiful customers for this month! Christmas Season is so fun for me. Well, if you haven't read my previous post, rings starts from $38 and necklace starts from $78. If you are interested, do whatsapp me (if you have my number) or fb msg me or email me! Whatever you like! Jewelry are made of pure silver, polished and handcrafted. Well, if you would like to design a one and only piece of jewelry for your love one or yourself, and wish to use to make it even more special, we have white gold material too! If you want real diamond... don't worry we have it too! Contact me for more details now :) .

Alright! Picture time!

xx . xxx 

Feels like a thai girl here. 
xx. It'll be good if i'd a beanie. Nvm! Buy it in HK! lol. Although Singapore's weather is really unsuitable for a beanie but whatever, as long as i like. 

Boyfriend T-shirt from ASOS. (click on the link) 

K bye~! 

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