Saturday, January 4, 2014

A reflection for 2013

Hello everyone! First of all, Happy New Year!!!! I hope this new year will be a great one and let's all start doing what we wanted to do last year but didn't had a chance to. Go for your dreams! I guess i am a bit late for a Summary cum Reflection of my last year, 2013. Feel free to read my reflection for 2012 if you are curious or if you haven't!! (click here to read) 

Ok, 2013. It was the end of my diploma course. I graduated in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, spent a few months on holiday and enrolled into banking and finance in SIM UOL. Honestly, i thought that was the right decision because i was very interested about investments and how money works. But then recently, my interest on design and fashion grew. My boyfriend has been telling me that i should have enrolled into design and fashion courses because that's where i can excel at. But darling, hadn't i choose Banking & Finance, i wouldn't have met you right?!!! It's fate for us to meet. I love you & i did not regret choosing banking & finance. I still wanna learn about investments, about money and the economy. Though these are not my strongest subjects but i will work hard for the exam. 

2013 has been like a roller coaster ride. I had many happiness and many sadness too. I did something that i've been long wanting to. My short term relationship ended in early the year. I cried but i know it was the right decision. The pain of breaking up didn't stop haunting me. I was afraid. I lost confidence on guys. Nevertheless, it took only a while for me to regain the confidence and learn to fall in love again. That was when i saw my boyfriend. He is such a nice person and it made me realise that i've been dating and seeing all the bad guys! 

The year has ended in a blink of an eye. I didn't imagine myself celebrating the countdown in Hong Kong with someone i love. Alright! I shall make a summary of 2013 in pictures now. 

January 2013
 Officially ended my Final Year Project! Look at my sleepy and full face. But i was really happy and excited. That's the end of Poly!!!! I've concluded that Tourism and Resort Management was absolutely a wrong choice for me. Urgh! Why am i always choosing the wrong stuff?! 
A photoshoot done... I guess this was the last one i did. 
I've quitted modeling. I've decided to let myself eat all i want and be happy. hahaha. 

February 2013

On this month, i decided to fly to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year and surprised my mother who is living in there. My sister and I were so excited because it was an impromptu decision and we only booked the flights about 5 hours before the flight time. 

Wooh! My mum was shocked and happy and excited and basically-everything-good. 
 Watched the CNY firework
 It was my first time celebrating CNY in Hong Kong ever since i moved to Singapore. The feeling was extremely warm. I felt belonged. I had my relatives, my grandma, my mum and my aunties. Everything was wonderful! And lots of Ang Bao! 

I don't celebrate CNY if im in Singapore because i have basically no relatives over here and i don't visit my friend's house to collect ang bao. lol. So i'm always at home during CNY :( . But this year would be different! I'm spending with my boyfriend's family! (At least for one day hehe) 
Pink for CNY :) 
Yes abalone too. 

Seafood at Cheung Chou. 

My baby cousin Bosco. Always so active and cute! 
Back in SG and cooked myself some nice brunch. 


This month is very special guys! Cause its my birthday! My 20th birthday. I was quite upset because i hit the 2 digit infront. I was no longer 18 nor 19. I have to cherish my twenties now. 
My sis bought me the chocolate i love! 
Another birthday cake from my dear friends :) 
My whole bunch of Primary School friends celebrating with me. I'm not fancy about celebrating my big 21st Birthday this year. I just want a really chill and romantic dinner with my boyfriend, with beautiful balloons and a really nice cake. I love cakes and balloons. If he can make a handmade card for me it would be good but i doubt so cause he sucks at drawing! wahahaha. I don't want a crazy and loud party. Ain't that sort anymore. Party time is over! 
This day, went over to CQ to meet Eugene. We had our beer, heart talk and say byebye. lol. I haven't drink a sip of alcohol for the longest time ever since i turned 18 !!! My boyfriend has been treating me really well i guess. haha. 
Playing with yogi~~~ (I hope i remember ur name correctly!) 

Visiting 1 altitude with some chill wine. 

April 2013 

April was all about food! 

Sushi all daaaaaa way~~~~~ 

May 2013

May was not bad! I went to Korea and bought lots of beauty products at a super affordable price! Please!!! I wanna go Korea again and buy all their masks and literally everything! hahaha. 
The sky

At myeun-dong 

Everything was delicious. But i was abit sick of Kimchi.... Literally kimchi at every single meal... 
The morning air in Seoul before my flight back to SG. How beautiful.... 
 In love with red nails! 
And did my first kcym ring. And the rings just get better and better... 
I wonder where this shirt go. 

June 2013 

I got more interested in jewelries and make up. I started buying nice clothes to wear again. haha. 

 A really tanned me. 
Driving up to my favourite place for a quick breathe. 
One of my good friend jess. We were attending the Lancome event and Sephora. Yes!!! Their new mascara as souvenir was the best. hahaa. 
Super cute red velvet cake. 

July 2013 

A really special month again!!! I finally said yes to my boyfriend. Neh not that proposal yes but yes to a relationship with him. haha. 

So we decided to eat out together every 22nd for new food/sushi because that's our anniversary date ^^ heeee. awwww getting all mushy. 
My first time at his house. 
His mum cooked really good food!!! This was her first meal for me and i'm loving it (heart shape eyes). 

More obsess with rings and i decided to make it even better. These were my first few pieces. Surprisingly, friends started asking me if i could help them customize a ring and that was how i started calling these jewelries kcym. It all started out with just a simple name for people to remember that those are the rings i designed! 

Remember i said that the shoot on February was the last one? Nehh i guess i was wrong. This was the last one i did. Sorry, i can't maintain a really thin figure and i always think that my face look a little round on the camera. It all depend on whether the photographer is good or not. And it sucks sometimes that i look 'ugly' on camera. Just when can i try doing botox? ;p i heard it works. haha. 

No make up on my face. 
ok moving on to August! 

August 2013 

Its just me and my boyfriend. My world evolves around him now. 

My sister trying to style him. At h&m. 
Finally... you and me are the lucky ones this time. 

September 2013

It was all about Autumn Festival! 

His first time playing candles lol. 

October 2013

Some of the really interesting things happening in October. 
I had a fever and my baby took care of me. 
So as a reward, i brought him to dine at ikea. LOL just joking. We had this before my fever. But it was his first time at ikea and that day was the 22nd!!! Remember? A meal outside on every 22nd of the month. 
And.... my boyfriend's expense plan. 

Working at Fenix Room for the Halloween night. I had to be cut in order to work... Sigh for the one hour earlier for work and without pay for that hour. Had been working for 3 months then! 
Another pic of my dead face before i move on to November! 

November 2013

Nothing much. Just an another ordinary month...

22nd November. Genki sushi with boyfriend. 

My favourite sushi restaurant. 

Trying out this New Look killer heel which i can't even walk in it. 

Love this make up style! Say hi to good skin after using those laneige products that i splurged on. 

December 2013

I love you December cause it was Christmas!!!!!!!! I love Christmas! And my boyfriend and I have already booked the flight to HK back in October. 

I really had a great time in HK! 

A picture of a young me. 
Super delicious butter cookies. Anyone wants to buy one box for Chinese New Year? Contact me for the price!!! My boyfriend's mum is baking it with the best ingredients and selling them away too! 

Ohhhh i love you swarovski. 

In HK . 

First time buying the lotteries in hong kong. 
Exploring HK with kcym rings. 

Stay tune for my Hong Kong trip post!!! 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of year 2013~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

I am really glad to have met my boyfriend. I appreciate every little things he do for me. I also love how i discover my interest in jewelries this year. And also gain an interest in fashion! Idk, the thought of designing and begin able to create something amaze me. 2013 was a good year overall. If i didn't meet my boyfriend, i would say it's a bad year. 

The best thing i had in 2013: Knowing my boyfriend 
The worst thing i had in 2013: Can't really think of one 
The most memorable thing in 2013: Kissing my boyfriend 
One regret for 2013: Spending unnecessary money. 

***********************Welcoming year 2014*************************
Bought this cake yesterday and my boyfriend and his family decorated it together! haha. Welcome 2014! I really love you so please love me back and make this year an awesome year!!! 

Today marks the 4th page of 365 pages. Let's not waste anymore time! Dream and make your dream come true. 

Good Luck everyone :) 

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