Sunday, January 12, 2014

How to cheat like you have flawless skin?

I am always lazy to put on full make up to school but as a girl, you always want to look nice! So you wanna look nice and at the same time natural or as though you have not put on any make up, the key part would be your face! Focus on a flawless skin look. Here, i'm gonna share with you guys which product i use to achieve a natural and flawless skin look. Because you wanna look natural at the same time, we should avoid using foundation with heavy coverage. A heavy foundation coverage will make your skin look thick and unnatural. Chances are your flaws will show even more when you start to perspire. 

Actually, besides achieving that flawless skin look, this make up is also dedicated for lazy people (like me) haha. Because no blusher or mascara is needed for this look! Cool right? Just focus on the face. And a little big of enhancement on your eye. 

Products used are shown on the description box on my youtube channel

Ok have fun watching! 

Oh yes! Other than working on the make up. We should drink lots of water to hydrate our skin and put on hydrating facial mask at least once a week too! You know... all the beauty treatment things that you've been hearing about. I wouldn't repeat it here. 

PS: Also because youtube is the fastest way for me to upload a video. I gotta wait ages if i upload it via blogger. urgh. 


  1. Hi, can I know the brand of lip balm you using?

  2. Hi! Its Kiehl's. Retail Price around $11 if im not wrong.