Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Christmas Trip to Hong Kong

Hello Everyone!

2013 Christmas and Count Down for 2014 in Hong Kong was awesome!!! I really love going back HK as i can see all my relatives and my beloved grandma. I learned how to make the cantonese carrot cake this holiday too. :) .

On the Christmas Day morning, we landed in Hong Kong... It was freezing !
Our first destination was Tsium Sha Tsui because the first thing i wanted to do is SHOPPING! lol. I've been refraining myself from buying stuff online during the Christmas season because i know Hong Kong is a good place for shopping. The price for Zara, H&M and other international brands in HK are a little bit more cheaper than in Singapore. 

Look what i found! Awfully Chocolate in Hong Kong! haha. 
My favorite kind of ice cream. 

OOTD: Pull and Bear baseball jacket, uniqlo top, Drjays wedge Sneaker. 

Our first meal in HK!

We were sooooooo full...... 
My baby cousin Bosco and my baby boyfriend. haha. 
My current obsession: 3CE !! Stuff i bought in HK. I wish i could buy all their lipsticks. 
How can i not have my jewelry with me when i travel? KCYMjewelry. I'm thinking if i should just have a website to display all the accessories that i've done so far. What do you guys think? 
I won't call it a trip to HK if i didn't get to BBQ with my grandma at Long Island! (Cheung Chau) They have all the marinated food in the market. Such convenience and the food was super yummy. 

Photo taken by my mother. We were exploring Stanley Road. 
Too tired to pose and my mum caught this picture. haha. 

My baby VS my baby cousin. 

my OODT taken from my instagram (click here for the link!) 

Photo taken by my aunty. I love the way we bbq, unlike Singapore style. It's a time when we can cook our food and chat at the same time. 
On my lip: 3ce red lip tint. 

Cutey baby loving his Har Kaw. haha. 

Was shopping again and didn't know which one to choose! In the end i got a grey one because my bf is buying a grey one too. lol. 

This crab.... You've got to try it. We got 8 crabs for less than SGD30 in cheung chau. All thanks to my grandmother. She knows where to get the most fresh seafood. 

Eating in one of the famous restaurants in Hk. 

 Famous food
Famous dessert. 
Cheung Chau.

I've uploaded our trip on youtube. The firework is at the last part. It's the fastest way to upload a video. Hope you guys like it! 

Visit Hong Kong if you haven't before. It's a wonderful country. :)). 

Thanks for reading! bye~~ 

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