Sunday, February 2, 2014

1st and 2nd Day of Chinese New Year

This sums up my 1st and 2nd day of CHINESE NEW YEAR! 

I'm not celebrating my CNY with my family as they are all overseas this. So instead, I celebrated it with my boyfriend's family. 
Applying makeup on.... Look at my makeup pouch! Isn't it cute? I make it myself. U can see that the zipper isn't at the center haha. Its my first piece of work. I wanna make a T-shirt soon. 

And currently, im using a lot of 3ce products. This has got to be in my January Favourites, which i will be blogging about it soon. :) So stay tune!

Early in the morning.... my bf's parent woke up at 5am to prepare all the dishes. They cook awesome food!

What a spread! All homecook! And already more than half gone. 

Kids love this :) We make the jelly ourselves too!

Bf's mum deep fried this fish while i prepare for the toppings. I chopped the chilli, mango, onions into slices. I was the helper for that day too!  
Bf's dad signature curry. Splendid. 

He squeezed all the coconut milk out himself. 

And glutinous rice. 

Shark Fin Soup! Felt a little guilty eating this >< . 

Whole family helping out haha. 

Gathering again at the most relaxing place, the reflection. We had our food cooked at the Club House, played mahjong, and chit chatting. My bf loves the wind there. Its really chill, away from the city. I love it :) 

How is your Chinese New Year so far? I hope you receive a lot of ang bao!!! haha. With all the ang bao money i received so far, i can almost buy my camera soon! I can't wait more high quality pictures. 

Wishing everyone a prosperous new year
财源广 进
Ok, that's all for the chinese. 


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