Monday, February 10, 2014

Favourite Drama & Movie 2013

Hello everyone! 

I wanna share my favourite Movie and Drama for the year 2013. I'm not sure if you have watched these yet but if you haven't, PLEASE DO! 

I love watching love movies/dramas. But not solely on love though. You see, korean dramas are always about love, BUT they are lame love stories. I don't like watching korean love stories unless they are really really sad. The best love Korean Drama i've watched was 'Stairways to Heaven'. It has meaning to it. 

Things that i look for in a Movie/Drama: 
1. Well built story line - Obviously, it needs to have a good story for audience to like it right?!
2. Good acting skills - There's no need to explain for this. Good acting skills from actors make the audience get engrossed into the movie. 
3. Nice OST -usually the right songs make u get more involved into the movie. Nice songs that can relate to the movie really helps! 
4. Nice endings - this can be quite subjective because sometimes the ending makes you mad but it is this ending that makes you feel like this is a GOOD movie. 

What do you look for in a movie/drama too? I wish Singapore can make more dramas that satisfy these 4 things. Sadly.... i haven't seen one after 小娘惹. Who is that scriptwriter?! Please write more good stories. Honestly, the dramas are getting lame nowadays. I don't like the story. I don't like their actings. 

Ok! Back to my favorites. 

Let's start with MY FAVOURITE MOVIE OF 2013 


The story is about this young and mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby and his quixotic passion for the beautiful Daisy Buchanan. Gatsby holds super extravagant parties in the hope of meeting this beautiful Daisy again. However Daisy was married to a super wealthy man as well. Ok the story is getting complicated cause Daisy and Gatsby were lovers then but were forced to break up. 

I'm sad that my boyfriend fell asleep while watching this movie with me at home. lol. I love this movie. The theme song is by one of my favourite singer Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful. 

You can try going to to watch the complete movie. The background setting is actually artificial but it looks so real in the movie and the fireworks were just AMAZING. Watch how the devoted Gatsby met Daisy again. 



You will definitely get yourself sobbing like mad. The storyline is absolutely well built. The songs are fantastic. The villain is really an eyesore. 

Lan Ling Wang is a story about himself, a powerful warrior who wears a fearsome mask to hide his beauty while at war. His name is also called Gao Chang Gong and he is a famous general during the Northern Qi period. 

A prophecy foretold that victory goes to the ones who has the priestess blessing. Yang Xue Wu is the last priestess of her clan and her grandma had tried every means to stop her granddaughter from seeing Lan Ling Wang as she has foreseen a tragic fate for Lan Ling Wang. As everyone wants to have the priestess, the clan has to move to a faraway place to stay away from the trouble. 

Watch how fate brought Yang Xue Wu and Gao Chang Gong together, how a girl call Zheng Er fell in love with Gao Chang Gong and become the villain in the show. And watch how the emperor of Northern Zhou, Yu WenYong fell in love with Yang Xue Wu and sacrifices for her. Ahhhh... What an amazing story!!!!! It is truly touching. I wanna cry already. 

Btw, Lan Ling Wang is really a historical person but the drama is non fiction. 

I got you guys episode 1 and 2 to start off! 

Please don't blame me if you start crying. I cried like how you did when i was watching too. 

Thanks for reading and happy watching :) xx 

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