Saturday, February 15, 2014

How I Spent My Vday

Hello beautiful ones! How did you spend Vday? For the singles out there, i hope u had fun partying with the rest of the singles (sounds abit mean but i guess that's what most ppl do? Cuz all attached are taken for the day!) For the couples, i hope you had an unforgettable night! 

I surely did because i haven't spend Vday for 2 years already. My boyfriend asked me what would i like to do on that day i told him "I don't feel like going out. Its gonna be very packed i think. Plus, i don't wanna spend so much money on the meal." So we agreed to stay home and cook. But i think i kinda regretted this decision because i actually spent more than a 100 buck on these ingredients!!! 

We both said we will go out for a date night for next year's Valentine's Day because a meal is gonna cost around that much too plus we don't have to wash all the plates and mess up the kitchen. hehe. What a couple. 

my ingredients for the day

Appetizer: Honey Chicken Wing and Balsamic Baguette 
Soup of the day: Chicken Mushroom Soup
Entree: Mustard Baked Chicken with Mashed Potato
Dessert: Macaroon and Tiramisu 
Drink: Moet and Chandon 

With: my beloved boyfriend 

Ingredients for Mashed Potato

Ingredients for Balsamic Baguette! This is a really simple and delicious dish to make! If you want the recipe, please comment it down below (For those who don't wanna use their real name, i have the anonymous button.)

Setting aside my marinated chicken

Ingredients for Mustard Baked Chicken. Really simple and easy! I have a comment about this dish though. Continue scrolling.... 

So meanwhile, it was noon time and we decided to eat sushi!!! Headed to Kinsa Sushi. Support my friend's restaurant! I like their food presentation. It is unique. However, i was alittle disappointed with their Chawamushi as it was REALLY SMALL. I love chawamushi !!!! But anw, the rest was okay. I just like it that it seems more personalized than Ichiban Sushi. 

Our Sushi Set

I have to say their salmon is very fresh. 

Yay... here's the small chawamushi :((( . This is the sharkfin chawamushi. They have another and the normal one as well. 

61 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, 569814
6452 1798

It's actually at Jubilee Square at AMK central. On the second floor. :) 

Ok back to my cooking!!
Here's the ingredient for Macaroons. I made it the night before. 

And the ingredients for Tiramisu. Caution: I bought the wrong cream!!! It should be whipped cream as whipping cream is liquid and my tiramisu ended up becoming too liquid-ish. Usually, I make this with just pure Mascarpone Cheese but i thought maybe i will change the recipe a little (following the recipe on youtube). Duhhhhhh I REGRETTED IT. So, just use Mascarpone as the filling and that's it. No more cream. 

And after spending 6 hours in the kitchen making all the desserts and about 4 hours the next day preparing my Valentine's day dishes..... Here's what i got: 

honey baked wings! 

My Balsamic Baguette! I simply love this dish. 

Chicken mushroom soup (from can)

Mustard Baked Chicken with Mashed Potato topped with Gyuere (If i didn't spell it wrongly) Cheese. 

The presentation :) 

My desserts. It was a failed one. My macaroon has no feet. :( 

What's better than lighting your room with candles?! So romantic. I blinded folded my boyfriend and prepare the setting with the food on the dining table as well. Hee he loves it! Then we watched our typical Stephen Chow's Tang Bo Hu Dian Chiu Xiang and we went to bed. 

That's how i spent my Vday. Thanks for reading xx 

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