Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Modeling Experience

Hi guys! Today, i just wanna talk about MODELING. 

Well... Kind of missing my modeling days. I was so passionate about it that i learned the correct angles during a photoshoot, linked up with many photographers and always looking for opportunities to work in shows (and i mean fashion shows). (I guess if i didn't remember wrongly haha). Honestly, i guess my dream was too big because i was dreaming to be able to walk for Tokyo Girls Collection fashion show.  I have seen girls from there with the same height as me! That gave me a lot courage because i know i would definitely not be able to go for the European market. I swear if i was born with a height of 175cm, i will do everything to be a good and aspiring model. 

I refuse to be seen as those typical singaporean 'models' where they go group shoots and hotel shoots. I have never done one of these in my life although i was asked many times with fantastic rate. First and foremost, i always think that modeling is something wonderful. A real model wouldn't do a group shoot. In case you don't know what is a group shoot, it is when a model is being shoot by many photographers at one time! And of course, the rate is damn lousy. A real model also wouldn't go for hotel shoots, and most probably it is a hotel lingerie shoot. Unless this photographer is really super skillful and professional and can take lingerie photos like Victoria Secret, then it should be worth going for. Nowadays there are tons of people who call themselves a photographer when in actual fact they are just a bunch of horny people who want to see the girls' flesh. 

In case you are one of those girls who want to try out modeling, never do a lingerie shoot request from photographers who are lousy. How do you know whether they are lousy or not? Simply ask them for their portfolio and judge it yourself. You obviously wouldn't want to tarnish your modeling image when you get lousy photos from lousy photographers. Keep looking for good photographers that can give you nice & decent pictures. This is just the start. So expect yourself for not getting paid because this is a win-win situation. You get to build up your portfolio and the photographer gets to shoot you. 

In the case where a photographer pays you for shooting with him, check on his portfolio and maybe the models whom he has worked with. Understand the concept of the shoot first before agreeing. If you sense anything wrong, don't be afraid to voice out your opinion. I once made a photographer angry because i didn't trust him enough and i kept asking him questions. Well that's his loss anyway. haha. Even if the photographer is willing to pay you $200 for a 2 hour shoot, if he is a lousy photographer, i suggest you to not be tempted and say no. It is not the money that counts, its the consequence of these pictures once they are taken. I don't know what your thoughts on this is but this is just my opinion. 

Some of the amazing things i have done in my 'modeling' experience:

1. I worked with amazing online shops.

2. I joined Vaunt 6 and made a lot of new friends. (Anyway the reason i joined was because it says you will be walking on the runway. I thought it was a casting to select models to walk on the runway. I didn't know it was a competition UNTIL they told me while i was filming in the casting. And then i got selected and since they say there's no elimination, i just went ahead for the challenge!) If you wanna watch my absolutely hideous face, you can check out www.clicknetwork.tv and search for vaunt 6. That was 2 years ago. 

3. I shoot for Teenage Magazine! My face was on 3 pages. haha.  

4. I worked with a few good photographers who are able to help me in building my portfolio. 

5. I was able to work for local designers for their shoot and a fashion event at Millenia Walk! 

Even though modeling was tiring, it never failed to give me joy. 

One terrible modeling experience: 

As  i was still a newbie, i was approached with numerous self-claimed photographers on ModelMayhem. So i did one shoot with one of them and I TOTALLY REGRETTED IT. The photos were freaking lousy and i looked freaking weird. The angle was wrong. It looked like some typical singaporean model pictures. I was so upset and angry that time. No it wasn't a lingerie shoot. It was just a normal fashion shoot out in the park. Actually i regretted the moment i saw the camera that he was using. That's the reason why i said you should never do shoots with lousy photographers!!! Ahhh noooo... He wasn't even a true photographer. I should call him the camera man. Sigh. 

So from there onwards, i really take a lot effort in recognizing who are the better photographers and who are just the self-claimed ones. For now, i enjoyed shooting with my friend cum french professional photographer. Whenever i have ideas on a kind of shoot that i wanna do, i will look for him. 


In conclusion, if i were to be born more with a stronger face feature and a height of 175cm, i would chase my dream. But i know maybe God has arranged something else for me so i shouldn't be too pushy about it. haha. I'm still doing some modeling now but definitely not as much as 2 years ago. And honestly, i'm just being frank to myself, i am considered the average in the real modeling industry. 

What are your dreams? Feel free to share it down at the comment section! 

Thanks for reading. 
PS: In case you wanna see my portfolio, click here for the link. 


  1. I like how you are so frank. And how you are protective of yourself.
    Proud of you sis!