Thursday, February 20, 2014

Shangri-La, The Line Buffet

Hello beautiful people! This month is the birthday month of my two very important friends. We have known each other for more than 8 years! (We know each other since primary 4). Actually, we are in a clique with the rest of them! So in total, there are KK, Zhi Sheng, Chean Yong, Siyang, Jeremy, Shun Xian, KO and Tian Hao. Normally we call Tian Hao dua tao because they think that his head is very big. LOL. We are all from the same Primary School and have known each other since Primary 4! 

There are a few more friends whom i am still in contact with since Primary 4. I'm a loyal friend :) . Sadly, i don't mix well with my Secondary and Poly friends. And now i'm in University of London, the more i couldn't make new friends! UOL is a school with no projects and just 100% examination. (That was the reason why i chose this uni. Because i can't get into Business School in NUS or SMU with just a GPA3.5) 

Alright! So all of us went to Shangri-la, The Line for buffet! 
Wearing my heels (I guess i should really start wearing heels back!I'm too comfy wearing my Wedge Sneaker lately) 

Wearing kcymjewelry. I'm starting a website to show case all the rings and jewelries this year. This shall be helpful to whoever who wants to view some of the designs i have. :) 

This is my favourite!!! 

Siyang was attacking the lobster and salmon belly the whole night haha. 

Using KO's phone to take selfie. lol. 

Two Birthday boys this month! KO and Dua Tao. Smart and intelligent people. KO went to Raffles JC  ,with Siyang, and is now gonna enroll into economics for his degree. 

MorningWarrior Sweatshirt, DailyLook bag, H&M necklace, kcym rings. I love sweatshirts!
The taxi driver gave us his name card so that we can call for his service the next time we hang out. He said he can take the 7 seater out. But hey man! We got 9 people!! haha. 

Super fun to hang out with them. Had overnight mahjong with some of them after the dinner over at KK's place. The most funny thing was that most of them need to wake up 8am in the morning e next day. lol. 

Its nice to have friends who have stayed with you till this far. I hope we will all hang out until the day we all die! haha. The next birthday is gonna be my birthday! I didn't realise im the 3rd eldest in the clique. And my boyfriend is having a headache to where we are gonna celebrate as it is my 21st birthday. This year, i want a simple celebration! Just me with my family, close friends and boyfriend :).

 Alot of my friends are having their 21st birthday this year too. So much fun! 


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