Friday, March 28, 2014


Before my blog goes off to hiatus for a month or so, I am doing a last post. My final exam is just around the corner! I am extremely anxious and nervous about it. This is a 100% paper and  the failure to pass means i have to study additional one year in the university. I am from the University of London. I like this system a lot because i am tired of doing group projects and having mini examinations (just like the days in Polytechnic). haha. Moreover, i miss the days when i was having my O'LVLs. I remember that i studied really hard for it. I had a sense of fulfillment everyday after school! 

Here's how i studied for my Olevel (for just those curious people) : I BASICALLY STUDY MORE THAN 10 HOURS EVERYDAY. hahaha. From the moment i stepped into the school, i would take out my math and start doing all the problem sums. I also stayed in class during recess time and continued doing math/other subjects. Sometimes when i get bored of it, i would play chess with my classmates who were staying in the class during recess too. Oh btw, the school rule says WE CAN'T STAY IN CLASS DURING RECESS TIME. hahaha. We had an onlooker/prefect doing duties at our floor. When the teacher came for spot-check to see if any students are inside the classroom, we immediately hide near the wall or behind the doors. haha. The discipline master can't see us from his direction. He can't come in either because classrooms door are locked (unless he brings the master key). 

Ah... Those good old days... 

So, i would stay back all the way till 5pm in class even after the school ends. I like the quietness in school when lessons had ended. Some of my classmates would join me and we would study together. I love it when they asked me Math/Chinese questions. haha. We have night revisions too. So sometimes, i would stay in school all the way till 8pm. I can't study at home. There are too much distractions. 

I really did fall in love with studying during that period. So to reminisce those good days, i chose UOL when pursuing a degree. It has just what it feels like when i was in Secondary School. (Except all the tuitions and stay back revisions because UOL doesn't provide tuitions) 

Alright! That's all for my throwback time. Here's an outfit i wore out that day : 

In A World From My World, WILDFOX, from revolveclothing. (click here) H&M and Forever 21 accessories, The Editor's Market faux leather shorts (they are not selling this in the website but you can go to their store to purchase it). 

I PROMISE I WILL COME BACK WITH MORE BEAUTIFUL PICTURES! Also, i am going to revamp this site this year. Hopefully it can be done soon after my exam. For now, enjoy the music i uploaded for you guys and chill :) 

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Be back after mid May. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


So....I've been doing my revision the past few days. It's too late to study and hope to get a First Class Honors now. SAD! Well but at least i know i would pass. The most terrifying subject for me is Microeconomics. I'm the kind of person who memorize stuff and just regurgitate it out, or the kind of person who can only answer qns that i've done before during revision. You know? I'm just not the study type but i like to be in school. I think it is a perfect 'reason' (excuse) why we don't need to have a job. 

Here's just what i've done in this week. 

Finally went to Bath and Body Works. I was so amazed by their products! I want them all!!! I like the Oceanside Scented Candle. I love everything related to the beach. 

Bf's mum made fruit tart this week. Her fruit tart is so awesome i can't miss the chance learning the recipe from her this time! hahaha. 
Those are my hands

my bf and I decorated these! Yummmmmmmmy! Spot two alien face.
Such a lovely dinner. 

I miss going to the beach. I miss going swimming. I will do that when i exam ends. Meanwhile, just go back to waking up and studying and sleeping. #lifeofauniversitystudent 


Thursday, March 20, 2014


Happy Birthday to myself! I am officially 21 years old now. How do i feel as a 21 year old? I feel like i am forced to face the reality and i wish i wasn't feeling this way. 

This year, i wanted nothing but a chill and simple birthday celebration. My life is already crazy enough so i don't need any more crazy parties and gifts. I am still having my 19th birthday celebration fresh in my mind (the year when i partied A LOT). There is no one better to celebrate with other than with my boyfriend :))). 

I had a chill movie in the Gold Class and my bf wine and dine me. We walked all the way from Vivo to Sentosa. It was so hot i swear my underarm was feeling sticky (for the first time ever since god knows when). We had such a fun time looking at the ocean! We love the sea breeze!!! 

And we decided to ride a roller coaster after our exam! hahaha. I have never ride a roller coaster before.  Please tell me how it feels like. I don't want to die.

My outfit of the day. 

Top and Bottom from the Editor's Market (click here), Michael Kors watch, Bag from HK, Charles n Keith's sunglass. 

I love this picture :) 

End this post with the SPECIAL birthday cake this year. MY BF BAKED IT!!!! (Actually with the help of his mummy). I am so touched. No one ever bakes my birthday cake. I am so glad and i feel so blessed with love! 

The cake tasted amazing. Initially it is a StrawBerry Short Cake but we decided to add mango in because they are super sweet. haha. 

Ok, this sums up my 21st birthday. How did you celebrate/intending to celebrate your birthday this year?

Thanks for reading xx 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


To those who have been wondering what is KCYM, it is just a name i call for the jewelries i've done. It will be much easier for me to say KCYM jewelry than to say 'so these are the jewelries i've done'. 

I'm so happy to have more and more rings for my collection! I've had 5 new jewelries for this month. In case you are wondering if this is a small business for me, no it isn't. I do it because i want to wear things that i've imagined for a long time but couldn't get it outside. The process of making this is a little secret but they are all handmade. Also i get the help from my father so i can basically design anything for a ring/necklace. And it is purely made-to-order. There's no point making this in bulk (where a machine would be involved now) because i'm not opening a business here. So for people who wants to have their very own rings/necklaces, they come to me! It is kinda like a freelance work for me. If i get deals, i get it. If not, then not. No fuss and no stress. Cost only incurred when there is an order. And apparently, the cost of made-to-order jewelries are very high, so you would expect a high rate from me. (Actually, you expect high rates from anywhere if you want a custom made thing) 

The material used is Silver 925, also sterling silver. It is the highest quality silver for jewelry. It is called 925 because it has 92.5% pure silver in it and 7.5% with another metal. Nevertheless, we have white gold and in any case if you want platinum, we might be able to get it for you too. White gold is better than sterling silver but obviously the price is gonna be much higher. And platinum is better than white gold. 

I hope this information helps in choosing the jewelry! So here's my KCYM family. 

 I have my newly made unicorn necklace and 4 other rings :DD (mingling with the rest of them)
And the lucky horseshoe ring that isn't identical. But i just like it this way. haha. And that band attached to the horseshoe is being twisted with two thin bands. Yeah... a lot of handwork. 

My favorites are the infinity ring and the unicorn necklace now :p . 

Who is tempted to design their very own jewelry too?! Just come to me and i can help with that. (Only applicable to simple designs though). You can reach me at my email at Alternatively, just find me at any social media platform under 'Contact Me' tab. 

I would safely say a custom made ring starts from $80. It really depends on the complexity of your ring. As for necklace, the same rule applies but it often starts from a hundred bucks. 

It didn't come to me that i have been doing this for almost one year already! Just hope i can get more rings and accessories for myself. hahahaha. I also hope to be able to source for other materials because i like variety. 

Ok. That's all for today. Thanks for reading & feel free to contact me if you want a custom made jewelry too :) . 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

My random ootd

I just can't get enough of make ups and shoes lately. I believe i have already bought tons of make up products ever since i came back from Hong Kong after the new year this year. Oh dahhhhh... I am just obsess with make ups now. I bought a new lip stick (just after 2 days of purchasing Revlon's Butter Lip Balm) from Laura Mercia. Totally obsess with this color! It gives such a smooth texture. This has become my every day make up routine. It is pink but it has a purple undertone. Retails for $38 if i am not wrong. And of course, a brown eyeliner from Make Up For Ever. This is included in my everyday make up routine as well. Make Up For Ever probably has the best eyeliner formula compared to other brands that i've tried. But if anyone has better recommendations, feel free to tell me because i'm open for alternatives. haha. 

Morning Warrior Sweatshirt from Dailylook (here)
H&M necklace 
Sleek Leather Leggings from Stylenanda (here
New Flowers for this week. I am starting to like Peach Roses :) 



Sweatshirt from Pull & Bear 
Zara Bag 
Stradivarius Heels
Forever 21 necklace
Aldo Sunglass

I guess i'm lacking some rings on my fingers. haha. 

It was my 21st birthday yesterday and i had a great time spent with my boyfriend. This year, i chose to have a really chill and quiet celebration just with my love one. I am not sure but perhaps i am really getting 'older' in my mind. Aren't people like me suppose to be a blast in clubs? Guess that's a pass for me and now i'm too lazy to even hang out at night! I enjoyed a gold class movie with my bf, watching 300 rise of the empire, with my usual French Earl Grey. Nice movie. Recommend to watch! Next movie should be Need for Speed or the new movie related to this Lobby Boy. 

Alright, i'm ending my post here! Thanks for reading! 
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Friday, March 14, 2014

A Casual Day Out

My boyfriend and I have not been going shopping for a really long time! Yesterday we were out to town. Had lunch at my favourite sushi place - Genki Sushi, located at Orchard Central. Not sure if my taste buds went wrong but the food wasn't as nice as what we had previously. 

I'm all about denim lately! Look at my instagram and you will see a lot of gold and denim stuff. Sweatshirts is another favorite of mine. And yay I created a lookbook account! Fan me if you have a lookbook too! 


Cheap Monday cap from The Editor's Market 
Dress from runwaybandits 
Bag from Zara 
Micheal Kors Watch 


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sweet Burgundy Look

Experimenting a new look.... 

Very sweet burgundy look. I bought this burgundy eyeliner from 3CE with the intention to try out new stuff. And i guess this makeup look works! What do you think? 
Basically it is just a very simple look. No eyeshadow required. 
 Guess it works well with red clothing. 

Products used: 

- Laneige BB cream
- Mac Concealer 
- Revlon Colorburst  Matte Balm in 225
- Mac Bronzer in Golden 
- Benefit Bad Gal waterproof mascara
- 3CE burgundy eyeliner 
- Urban Decay brown eyeliner 
- Tarte eyebrow pencil 
- Shu Uemura  eyelash curler 


My dream unicorn from KCYM jewelry 

This is my new necklace! I'm so happy i got it in time for my birthday. Designed this myself and i think i've done a good job. What do you think? hehe. Will show a close up on all the new jewelries i've done so far soon. If you are thinking of making a ring/necklace for yourself/love one, u can contact me via my email at with Title: KCYM Jewelry Enquiry (actually any title is fine. Just make it easy to spot the email as i delete emails without reading.) 

Thanks for reading and i will be back soon! 

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

My favourite products so far...

Hi everyone! I've been loving some of these products and i thought i would share with you all! You can say i'm a very picky person when it comes to using beauty products. So let's see what are my favourites so far!

1. 3CE Lip Marker (Click here for the link)

Absolutely one of my favourite lipsticks. It just stains on your lip naturally and the best part if it doesn't goes off easily like normal lipstick does. If you are looking for this kind of application, try using these lip markers. Anw 3CE is a very popular korean makeup brand now and they are made from StyleNanda, which is an amazing clothing line.

2. 3CE Cream Blusher  (Click here for the link)

You know the days when you are just too lazy to carry a blusher brush around you but you need to touch up your cheeks. If you have similar experience as me, this cream blusher works like magic. Texture is awesome and everything is awesome. Just be careful not to apply too much during the first application. 3CE products are mostly very pigmented, which is why i love them so much!

It is such a sad news that they don't have this line in Singapore! Their pricing are relatively affordable and their lipsticks are really amazing! I really wish i have each and every single colour of it. How many times do you see such a brand that has lip color suitable for Asian? I mean if you see the korean models in the product display, the lip color works beautifully on them. 

The only thing that i wanna criticize is the ultra poor understanding of English in their Customer Service Department. I had troubles receiving my parcel from them so i called their hotline. Apparently, i think the only English speaking lady doesn't seem to understand what i was trying to say. I had to speak word for word. That was the only bad experience i had with StyleNanda. So just make sure you have your address written correctly and there shall be no problem with the delivery process.

 3. The Body Shop's Sandalwood & Ginger Fragrance Oil

I had a liking for sandalwood ever since i bought this home. The smell just calms me down and makes the room smells "relaxing". I'm not sure if they still have this available in the stores because i bought this a long time ago. Yeah i have finished this after like a year and more (i stopped using fragrance oil for almost 6 months because i was pure lazy to light the candle. That explains why i took such a long time to finish this bottle! 
 4. Aveeno Intense Relief Cream

I SUPER LOVE THIS CREAM! It is a hand cream but i really am just using on my face (on the dry areas) now. This is fragrance free and dermatologist recommended. We should always avoid using products that have fragrance on our body! If you can, you will be able to spot there are all in fact a lot of beauty products that has fragrance in their ingredients. So, avoid using them.

Besides it being fragrance free, it really did last through hand wash. I'm serious about it. You know after you put on hand lotion (e.g. Vaseline) and wash your hand, the "cream" just wears off. BUT THIS FREAKING STAYS ON YOUR HAND! Ah i'm so amazed but the formula. 

Again it is a very sad news that they don't sell it in Singapore. This is an Australian brand product and can be found at Australian's drugstores. Also, price is relatively cheap. But fret not if you really wanna try this out! I've found a Singapore website that sells Aveeno brand. (Although they don't carry this product in their website. But there are others that you may wanna try out because i literally bought almost all of what they have for Aveeno.) from Hotally Sg. It takes like 14 days to get it delivered. I'm so excited to for my parcel now! I will do a review about it when i start using them. It's hard to come by brands that works for your skin type. 

Alright! Hope you guys enjoy reading this and have a nice Sunday :)

Friday, March 7, 2014


Hello everyone i'm back! My friend is starting a new online shop. I'm quite excited to see their website! Can't wait! Can't wait to see how i look in those pictures too! 
so how did i look? No photoshop for all the pictures! 

This picture is trying to show off the legs and not the face. lol. 

my ootd to shoot. I don't wear booties or covered shoes but lately i've been loving all the things i used to dislike! Its probably the change of my style and i'm quite liking it =p . 

With my friend cum the owner of this new online store. He is opening with his gf who is also my friend too. We used to party a lot together at Helipad. (Old good times) 

With Vanessa 

Loving denim. Shoes from stylenanda. 

Stay tune for the new online store! I will update it on my instagram@kaceycho (Click here for my instagram link) 

Alright, that's all. Thanks for reading xx