Thursday, March 6, 2014

Canon 700D + Revlon GIVEAWAY!

Hello Hello~~~ It's already march! That being said, it is my birthday month!!!! yay! I'm going to be 21 this year, officially an adult. I'm happy that i have live for 20 years and i'm going to be graduating from University next year & going out to work. Wait, going out to work is not a happy thing. Cancel that. 

So, i know 21st is a big thing to everybody. I have seen a lot of 21st birthday parties on my instagram. They booked a chalet and decorated the place. For me, i wanna tone it down it down this year. This is simply because i just want to spend my birthday with my closest ones and hope to live as happy and simple as that day would be. Nothing much happening i guess. My boyfriend and I have planned to just go for a gold class movie (watching 300) , have brunch at one of my favorite place and cut the cake back at his house. He is baking me a cake! First time he is doing this and the first time i am getting a handmade cake. :) 

Actually its the cake that all matter! Just hope it tastes nice. haha. 

So anyway if you have followed me on instagram, u probably see my 21st birthday present! It's a Canon 700D. As i've been saying that i want a camera for better quality picture, i decided to get it for my 21st. I've been saying that i want a camera since two years ago but that never seem to happen, until now. 

Okay! Time to test out the quality! 

It's my sleepy boyfriend. Under low lighting. 

Yes i can finally do a focus shot! lol. 

Focusing on my rings. Aren't they beautiful? I'm having a new collection soon! Can't wait to show you guys. For friends & people who have asked me if i have a website for my jewelry, no i don't but i might get one soon. This is because although i receive orders every now and then from people for customized ring, i don't wanna make this as a business for now. There are just a few troublesome problems that i'm facing now. I don't know if it can be done. But what if it can be done? Feel free to leave me a comment of what kind of jewelry you would like to own! 

I really like those kind from Chrome Hearts. 

And today.... Testing out how make up would look on the camera. I'm doing a neutral brown eyes make up look today. 

Successfully blurred the background! hahahaha. 

It's only until now that i realize i love flowers. And i love placing flowers beside my bed. It just makes me feel so happy when i bought the Carnations today. Carnations have significance meanings and that are Fascination, Distinction and Love. They are very popular flowers for Mother's Day. 

Alright, night time and let's see how the camera works!

Pardon Me i haven't wash my hair for two days because i wanna keep the natural oil. And that's my doggy, his name is Hugo named by me and my boyfriend. In case u are wondering where to buy this, it is from ikea. It's a love at first sight thing. No need to take care, just throw it on the bed whenever u want and it never barks. LOL. 

So the camera works well at night too! I have my lamp light on while i was taking these photos. Good buy! Ok, maybe u r wondering where i bought this. I bought it at the IT Fair last week at $999. It comes in a package and its by far the best deal i got compared to Gain City and MS Color. Yeap i did look around for reviews before purchasing this baby. 

With this, i can upload more beautiful videos and start sharing with you guys! 

Before i leave, i've decided to do another GIVEAWAY as it is my Birthday month! I've tried the Revlon Butter Lipstick and today i just got new from the Bitten Kissable Collection. Both work great and very moisturizing. I'm no longer buying lipsticks from MAC now because they make my lip dry and cakey. It wasn't a smooth application. 

So! Good stuff for you guys ahead! 


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3. Tell me what color you would like to have! (Optional) 

Cheers :) Have fun. 

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