Thursday, March 20, 2014


Happy Birthday to myself! I am officially 21 years old now. How do i feel as a 21 year old? I feel like i am forced to face the reality and i wish i wasn't feeling this way. 

This year, i wanted nothing but a chill and simple birthday celebration. My life is already crazy enough so i don't need any more crazy parties and gifts. I am still having my 19th birthday celebration fresh in my mind (the year when i partied A LOT). There is no one better to celebrate with other than with my boyfriend :))). 

I had a chill movie in the Gold Class and my bf wine and dine me. We walked all the way from Vivo to Sentosa. It was so hot i swear my underarm was feeling sticky (for the first time ever since god knows when). We had such a fun time looking at the ocean! We love the sea breeze!!! 

And we decided to ride a roller coaster after our exam! hahaha. I have never ride a roller coaster before.  Please tell me how it feels like. I don't want to die.

My outfit of the day. 

Top and Bottom from the Editor's Market (click here), Michael Kors watch, Bag from HK, Charles n Keith's sunglass. 

I love this picture :) 

End this post with the SPECIAL birthday cake this year. MY BF BAKED IT!!!! (Actually with the help of his mummy). I am so touched. No one ever bakes my birthday cake. I am so glad and i feel so blessed with love! 

The cake tasted amazing. Initially it is a StrawBerry Short Cake but we decided to add mango in because they are super sweet. haha. 

Ok, this sums up my 21st birthday. How did you celebrate/intending to celebrate your birthday this year?

Thanks for reading xx 

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