Friday, March 28, 2014


Before my blog goes off to hiatus for a month or so, I am doing a last post. My final exam is just around the corner! I am extremely anxious and nervous about it. This is a 100% paper and  the failure to pass means i have to study additional one year in the university. I am from the University of London. I like this system a lot because i am tired of doing group projects and having mini examinations (just like the days in Polytechnic). haha. Moreover, i miss the days when i was having my O'LVLs. I remember that i studied really hard for it. I had a sense of fulfillment everyday after school! 

Here's how i studied for my Olevel (for just those curious people) : I BASICALLY STUDY MORE THAN 10 HOURS EVERYDAY. hahaha. From the moment i stepped into the school, i would take out my math and start doing all the problem sums. I also stayed in class during recess time and continued doing math/other subjects. Sometimes when i get bored of it, i would play chess with my classmates who were staying in the class during recess too. Oh btw, the school rule says WE CAN'T STAY IN CLASS DURING RECESS TIME. hahaha. We had an onlooker/prefect doing duties at our floor. When the teacher came for spot-check to see if any students are inside the classroom, we immediately hide near the wall or behind the doors. haha. The discipline master can't see us from his direction. He can't come in either because classrooms door are locked (unless he brings the master key). 

Ah... Those good old days... 

So, i would stay back all the way till 5pm in class even after the school ends. I like the quietness in school when lessons had ended. Some of my classmates would join me and we would study together. I love it when they asked me Math/Chinese questions. haha. We have night revisions too. So sometimes, i would stay in school all the way till 8pm. I can't study at home. There are too much distractions. 

I really did fall in love with studying during that period. So to reminisce those good days, i chose UOL when pursuing a degree. It has just what it feels like when i was in Secondary School. (Except all the tuitions and stay back revisions because UOL doesn't provide tuitions) 

Alright! That's all for my throwback time. Here's an outfit i wore out that day : 

In A World From My World, WILDFOX, from revolveclothing. (click here) H&M and Forever 21 accessories, The Editor's Market faux leather shorts (they are not selling this in the website but you can go to their store to purchase it). 

I PROMISE I WILL COME BACK WITH MORE BEAUTIFUL PICTURES! Also, i am going to revamp this site this year. Hopefully it can be done soon after my exam. For now, enjoy the music i uploaded for you guys and chill :) 

I am still posting on instagram though! Follow Me @kaceycho (click here
Be back after mid May. 

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