Wednesday, March 26, 2014


So....I've been doing my revision the past few days. It's too late to study and hope to get a First Class Honors now. SAD! Well but at least i know i would pass. The most terrifying subject for me is Microeconomics. I'm the kind of person who memorize stuff and just regurgitate it out, or the kind of person who can only answer qns that i've done before during revision. You know? I'm just not the study type but i like to be in school. I think it is a perfect 'reason' (excuse) why we don't need to have a job. 

Here's just what i've done in this week. 

Finally went to Bath and Body Works. I was so amazed by their products! I want them all!!! I like the Oceanside Scented Candle. I love everything related to the beach. 

Bf's mum made fruit tart this week. Her fruit tart is so awesome i can't miss the chance learning the recipe from her this time! hahaha. 
Those are my hands

my bf and I decorated these! Yummmmmmmmy! Spot two alien face.
Such a lovely dinner. 

I miss going to the beach. I miss going swimming. I will do that when i exam ends. Meanwhile, just go back to waking up and studying and sleeping. #lifeofauniversitystudent 


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