Friday, March 7, 2014


Hello everyone i'm back! My friend is starting a new online shop. I'm quite excited to see their website! Can't wait! Can't wait to see how i look in those pictures too! 
so how did i look? No photoshop for all the pictures! 

This picture is trying to show off the legs and not the face. lol. 

my ootd to shoot. I don't wear booties or covered shoes but lately i've been loving all the things i used to dislike! Its probably the change of my style and i'm quite liking it =p . 

With my friend cum the owner of this new online store. He is opening with his gf who is also my friend too. We used to party a lot together at Helipad. (Old good times) 

With Vanessa 

Loving denim. Shoes from stylenanda. 

Stay tune for the new online store! I will update it on my instagram@kaceycho (Click here for my instagram link) 

Alright, that's all. Thanks for reading xx 

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