Wednesday, June 25, 2014


10.05pm. Woke up really early that day to attend my sister's graduation at Ngee Ann Poly. She finished her course with a merit award and a GPA 4.0. I'm so proud of her! Suddenly i am looking forward to receiving my result in August. I can't wait! Will i be able to score 3 As out of the 4 subjects i took? If i can score 3 As, then a first class honor will be in my favor! I just need a total of 5As to get a First Class Honor in UOL. I wonder how difficult it is to get first class honor because i heard from a lot of students about the exam being too tough and etc. I find it rather approachable though. 

So i have one conclusion from the comments i heard and that is that they DIDN'T STUDY HARD ENOUGH. haha. Well, perhaps the marking criteria is very high and therefore it explains why so many students fail the exam. Anyhow, I just hope for 3As now. 

Let's talk about school today. In a blink of an eye, i will be graduating from University next year! How fast time pass. It feels like just yesterday when i ended my Bridging Exam. 

Here is how SIM University of London works: Click here for (part 2)


Ok first and foremost, you will get to choose which private university you would like to enroll to in SIM. There are quite a few options and the tuition fee aren't cheap too. Cut short u can just go to the open house to know it all. RMIT requires students to do projects and you have tests and exams. In UOL, University of London, it is just a 100% exam paper. This means that you only take one exam paper in the whole year for that particular subject. 

In other words, if you fail that paper you have to pay $1000 to retake that subject. This is not the bad news, the bad news is that you won't be graduating in the same year with your friends. Now this is sad right?! lol. Imagine you are the only one left behind and your friends are already graduating. So my suggestion is to work hard and study hard. 


If you graduate from JC, you take a 3 year path in UOL. 

If you graduate from Polytechnic taking the related course, you can pay $2000 to take a Bridging Course. If you pass with a minimum grade of B, you will skip the first year and proceed to the second year. In this case, you will be taking either 8 or 9 subjects in the 2 year path. 8 subjects if your polytechnic course is directly related to the degree you're getting. and 9 subjects if you are studying in a related field. For example, if you studied banking & finance in your poly & also doing the same for your degree then you only study 8. If, however, you studied business admin in your poly but is choosing banking & finance for your degree you will take 9 subjects. 

The Bridging Course takes slightly more than a month and you will have your exam shortly after that. Basically what this bridging course does is to prep you in your Math and Economics. For me, i had to take AMath and Introduction to Econs. I am taking Banking and Finance degree. 

The Bridging Course is easy. There were a lot of hints here and there and the lecturers were great. However, you can still fail if you DON'T STUDY. 

Ok, now that you have passed your Bridging Test, you are ready for second year course!! You will select your timetable and subjects in the school's web. There will be instructions to guide you along. 

Also, my suggestion is to take something that interests you and is easy to pass. LOL. I mean seriously, nobody is gonna care what you studied in University. What is the most important thing is the Certificate and that's it. 

Don't get me wrong but it is always better to take something that is useful for your future too. Just don't be an idiot and choose a tough subject just cause you wanna show it off but have a higher chance of failing! 

Do it the right way. 


Ok, now that you have selected the subjects you will be waiting for school to start. 

You will be asked to join the enrolment talk and orientation. This is to welcome you!!! Is it a must to go? Well, i'm pretty sure there is one person who didn't attend. Yeap. It is the writer here. Hello (smile & waving). They won't scold you or punish you. Don't worry. As long as you pay money to the school, you are fine. They leave you alone. But honestly i would recommend you to go if you know you're going in alone. It is really difficult to find friends in UOL due to the little/almost minimal interaction between school mates. 

The school term starts around late September to the following year end of MAY. 

Once school starts, you have around 5 months to 6 months of school and then it is final examination time! Yay, time passes really quickly here. 


Just prepare about 20k for your WHOLE DEGREE PROGRAM. And if you fail any paper, just get another 1k plus FOR EACH PAPER. You don't pay 20k lump sum straight away. Each year, you will PAY 3 TIMES. 

First is the continuation registration fee - S$370 to London side. This payment is usually done early before school starts. You will receive email on your school email account asking you to pay money... haha. 

If you are first year student you pay about $700 for the new registration fee, subsequently u pay S$370 for each school year (the continuation registration fee). 

Second is the tuition fee to SIM side. This is the fee that you pay to lecturers. Should be about S$1280 per module. Inclusive of GST. So if you're taking 4 modules this year, it will be $1280x4. This payment is done in the near the end of the year. (remember your school starts in late September. you pay this around November/December). 

Lastly you wait till January to pay for your exam fees to London side. S$580 per module! 


Then, you can go for final exam in May. You also have prelims in early March okay!!! 

ok i will stop here now. Please read part 2 and part 3 for more details. There are just so much to talk about. I will be going deeper into school life & what to expect in those posts. 
Talk to you all soon! Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Potato Head Folk (Singapore)

8.44pm. Knowing that Potato Head Folk has opened in Singapore, i decided to patronize it! There are four floors in total in this Restaurant. We were only allowed up to the second floor in the afternoon. The third and the fourth are only opened in the evening. 

Staff welcomed us friendly. Actually we were a little lost at first because we didn't know where to go. Turned out there was a small door where you can go to the second floor. A passer by even asked if this place was opened haha. 

I observed that all the staff were dressed casually and a few of them were caucasians. Looks like this place is really vibrant and young. 

Outfit of the Day. All white. My favorite color style :).

Hmm hmmm what should i order?!

Busy looking around the decorations and the people. I think we were the youngest there at that moment. 

A staff, i supposed the manager, came to us with the menu. We asked him for recommendation. He was very friendly and politely recommended Baby Huey (one of their signature) and some other burgers. I ordered Baby Huey and my boyfriend ordered something else (which i forgot because Baby Huey was nicer) and fries. 

Baby Huey

I swear both burgers were SOOOOOO JUICY!!!! The juice literally oozed out every time we take a bite. The food was absolutely delicious but it was really messy eating it. Or is it just me. 

My boyfriend's order 

Sooooo juicy. The bread was so soft. And the sauce was well handled. 

The beef patty was so nicely cooked! 

The bill was about $50. I recommend at least one try here! The same staff who recommended their food to us came and asked if the food was ok and if we had anything else that we would like to try. Very friendly service. 

Location: Keong Saik Road 

Rating: 9/10 

I think this is by far the most delicious burger i've tried. Sorry but my range of burgers only include Carles Junior and Mac, LOL. Perhaps when i travel to America someday, i will truly fall in love with burgers. 

Thanks for reading! Just 2 more hours to the World Cup. Which team are you supporting today? 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Tour at Gardens By The Bay

4.41pm. Hello! I haven't seen so many different kinds of flowers in a day before. We bought tickets to the Flower Dome. 

Local Resident Admission: 
Adult: $12
Senior Citizen: $8
Child: $8 

Local Resident Admission: 
(includes entry to Cloud Forest) 
Adult: $20 
Senior Citizen: $15
Child: $28 

Standard Admission: (meaning for foreigners) 
Adult: $28 
Senior Citizen: $28 
Child: $25

I strongly recommend the $20 package because the cloud forest was amazing!!! A wave of strong wind blew at my face the moment i opened the entrance door. Then a huge water fountain welcomes me. 

We will get to that part later. 
With my dear. A candid picture taken by my mother. I was telling him to try smiling to the camera because he just can't smile in front of the camera. I said "look at my smile" (i was smiling) and he tries to mimic and my mother caught this picture. haha. I think it is so beautiful. 

Alright homies, i'm gonna try dancing here... i'm ready....

and about to...... 

yes a ballet pose! 

My mum can't smile naturally in front of the camera too. So here i am trying to teach her how to smile naturally and her boyfriend took this picture of us. (Maybe you will be surprised with the word 'boyfriend' here but it is a very sweet story and i don't know if i wanna share this. This is a whole different story and it is a big part of my story too.)

Flower viewing time!
There were so many flowers and i went 'wow' and 'wa' everywhere i go. Almost all are my favourite!!! I'm totally a flower kinda girl. 

This is so soft and romantic... I have this side of me. :) 

This is so cute and adorable, with a hint of elegance. Just like me. HAHAHA. 

Who likes this yellow flower?! I think its not really my kind of flower but they are definitely gorgeous looking!!

Somehow, i love these flowers. I can't explain but i just love it. It kinda represents me but i don't know which part. haha. 

I love these.........~~~~~! They are so elegant and graceful. It is like they are telling you a story here. 

Ok not so me kinda flower. What about you? 

Love hate relationship for this. Give me your thoughts about it. 

I dream of going to Paris too. 

These are beautiful flowers. Really beautiful but doesn't speak ME. haha. 

Yes, definitely shouts a ME kinda flower. Fragile looking, sweet, graceful and strong. Makes me feel peaceful too. 

I really kinda like this but on a second thought maybe not. Contradicting indeed. 



And that is the Cloud Forest! The huge man-made waterfall is amazing. However don't catch a cold there as the place is wet and cold. 

Look at how strong the waterfall current is. 

And it was night time... I just lie down on the floor with my sister and we watched the show. It was quite boring but certainly calming. 

Hope you like my post for today and thanks for reading! 

Friday, June 13, 2014

My Health

9.58pm. It's a little worrying if my heart has any problems. I've been feeling quite weak lately and i always feel like my heart is not pumping enough. Sometimes when i stretch, i feel 'hollow' breath. My dad said i am thinking too much. I searched on Google and most of the results is either due to anxiety or a sudden heart attack. 

I was like 0.0 are you serious? My exam has ended so i don't feel stress. What am i anxious about? I also can't possibly have a symptom of heart attack because i am young and there is no heredity issue with heart attacks. I am not kidding. I do feel pain in my heart. 

I have heart palpitation ever since i am 10. My heart beat can rise up to 168 beats per minute. Even the specialist don't know the cause of it as my heart seems perfectly normal. They say i should learn to relax, have proper sleep and try not to feel too anxious. 

I guess i have a weak heart. So last week, i went swimming for some cardiac exercise. I almost had a heart palpitation while swimming but i learnt the way to handle it so i was fine. 

What am i thinking about? What kind of things is making me anxious? 

Perhaps i should start exercising more now and also do a thorough body check up. Definitely going to run or swim every once a week. Health is so important and i should really cherish what i have now. 

Morale of story today: Sometimes we get too busy doing 'stuffs' and we forget the most important thing which is health. Without health, you simply can't enjoy what you've been working hard for. 

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jumbo Seafood

10.03pm. Ok, i wish i could give you guys better quality photos but my Canon Camera is tooo freaking heavy i can't carry it around with me that day. Now perhaps i might want a smaller camera for a more casual day out purpose. I remember how long it took me to finally decide on buying the T3i camera. Anyway this brings me to the topic of saving up. I saved for about 5 months (using all the money i earned from selling my jewelries plus some of my savings) to buy the camera. 

Now! I am saving up for invisalign! This will definitely take me a while to save up because its more than 10k... yeah.... all about getting that teeth straight and neat. I believe i will look better with straighter teeth. Overall my teeth is ok but if you look closer, my two front teeth is what people would call it as 'rabbit tooth' . I have two huge front teeth. haha. And they are not balanced! That is the disappointing part. 

I thought of doing braces instead. But honestly, invisalign takes a much shorter time to get the job done and i can still smile beautifully when i have invisalign on instead of a braces. I mean, the root is that i care a lot about outer appearance. Not gonna act like one who don't mind about appearances cause i know i mind. 

But definitely, inner beauty is very important too. I want both to be (almost) perfect. 

Ok! Enough of this topic. Let's get to food now! 

If you've been following me on instagram, you would know that i headed to Jumbo Seafood about two weeks ago at East Coast Park. Yes! Their crabs are soooooo delicious! I very much favour Black Pepper Crab than Chilli Crab. 

With Chef Chen Ka Cheong (left), consultant chef for Jumbo. And another big chef (right) from HK. 

My world evolves very much around food, fashion and beauty. I love food!!! But i am also very picky about food. I get upset when the food presentation is not nice. I get mad when food taste like rubbish. And i would nag & nag on it. Ask my boyfriend, he knows me well. (I suppose. That's what he said. haha) 

Ok 'apron' on and attack the food!

Chef Chan was telling us how much crabs he have to taste everyday. lol. He gets so sick eating crabs now. Yea...i can see why. Imagine eating beef everyday. First few times would be "Good Food. Expensive Food. Nice Nice Nice." And a hundred times of eating repeatedly would be like "I know its nice but I really don't wanna eat beef anymore."

Sorry that this picture looks so red. It was already night time and obviously i didn't use flash light to take this picture! 

I was so full that day because i had dim sum before this meal. I felt like i had too much good food in my stomach and it is somehow telling me to slow down. Yay... that's the thing when my mum is here. She eats around everywhere and basically her tummy is almost always filled with good food. 

Alrights guys that's all today. 

Thanks for reading!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Holiday Full Time Hobby

1.46am. I guess poker has become a full time hobby for me now as i know i am heavily 'addicted' to it now. Well i am not sure if that is addiction because it is not as if i am playing blindly but more like i am always finding ways to improve my game strategies. Quite certain that this is under the influence of my boyfriend because he was the one who started playing poker! I never know i would like card games because i don't play black jacks and i thought i always prefer playing mahjong.

Sound like a gambler? NO! I think i am playing with very decent hands with low risk. The consequence of losing those money probably won't make much difference in my daily life, but the winnings are very +EV.

Well, i hope i can learn some great new skills in playing poker games for this holiday. Don't think i am giving up on this ever soon.

Well if ever one day i become a professional poker player, i can be earning extra income in the casino. lol. That's just a dream. But its a good dream.

Yes im going to bed now! Goodnights

Thanks for reading

Monday, June 2, 2014

In Town // Imperial Treasure Quick Food Review

A few days ago, I went to town for dim sum at my usual place with my family. IMPERIAL TREASURE! This is one my favorite dim sum restaurants as the chefs really cook very authentic and high quality dim sum.

Before that, some selfie. :)

My boyfriend has a serious problem of not being able to smile properly in front of the camera. But he can smile perfectly when looking at me. HAHAHAH.
I know.... he is trying his best here. 

Some quick food review! 

One work delicious. Prawn is very well marinated. The skin is very smooth in texture. 

Rating 9.9/10 

What more can i ask for? This Siew Mai is amazing!!! 

Rating: 9.9/10 

Personally, i don't really like to eat char siew when i am eating dim sum. I prefer prawn. So from my own personal view I am rating this 9.7/10 

However unbias rating is 9.8/10 

If you ever visit Imperial Treasure, make sure you order their Liu Sha Bao. They make the most delicious liu sha bao in Singapore. This is not just from me but from many other reviews in the internet. Creamy, soft, smooth, absolutely tasteful. 

Rating: 10/10 

Very well marinated. 口感 is there 

Rating: 9.9/10 

Rating: 9.7/10 

The pork is slightly more salty than previously. 

Just a casual cheong fun dish. U will be surprise that u can taste this kind of texture from road side street in Hong Kong. Cantonese people can make very nice cheong fun. However, there isn't much surprise for this dish. Therefore.... 

Rating: 9.5/10

After lunch, we went for some shopping. Mummy bought me a new wallet and i oh so love it because my old wallet is seriously looking very ill. I am not buying Samantha Vega wallet again as their outer layer is easily teared. Changing to Michael Kors now. I am so happy i got this really lady-like and sweet looking grey wallet! 

I saw a matching handbag along with the wallet. I was hesitating because i seriously have no "feeling" to buy any "branded" bags now. I won't even use a Chanel bag now if you would to give me one. (Although i know i will want it when i grow older) I am happy and i plan to stay like this till i know it is time to get one. 

For now... Allow me to stick to the normal brands. 
My beautiful mama. We look so short here. haha. Her dressing style always shouts "I WANT YOUNG LOOKING ONES!"  

Ending off my post here with my little disgusted face. We were so tired after hours of shopping. Sat by a cafe in Paragon while waiting for mum to finish her chat with her friend. After that, we headed to East Coast for some seafood! God i was craving for crabs for quite a while every since exam started. 

I am truly blessed with good food around me. 

Will be doing a short post on that soon :) Stay tune! 

Thanks for reading