Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Tour at Gardens By The Bay

4.41pm. Hello! I haven't seen so many different kinds of flowers in a day before. We bought tickets to the Flower Dome. 

Local Resident Admission: 
Adult: $12
Senior Citizen: $8
Child: $8 

Local Resident Admission: 
(includes entry to Cloud Forest) 
Adult: $20 
Senior Citizen: $15
Child: $28 

Standard Admission: (meaning for foreigners) 
Adult: $28 
Senior Citizen: $28 
Child: $25

I strongly recommend the $20 package because the cloud forest was amazing!!! A wave of strong wind blew at my face the moment i opened the entrance door. Then a huge water fountain welcomes me. 

We will get to that part later. 
With my dear. A candid picture taken by my mother. I was telling him to try smiling to the camera because he just can't smile in front of the camera. I said "look at my smile" (i was smiling) and he tries to mimic and my mother caught this picture. haha. I think it is so beautiful. 

Alright homies, i'm gonna try dancing here... i'm ready....

and about to...... 

yes a ballet pose! 

My mum can't smile naturally in front of the camera too. So here i am trying to teach her how to smile naturally and her boyfriend took this picture of us. (Maybe you will be surprised with the word 'boyfriend' here but it is a very sweet story and i don't know if i wanna share this. This is a whole different story and it is a big part of my story too.)

Flower viewing time!
There were so many flowers and i went 'wow' and 'wa' everywhere i go. Almost all are my favourite!!! I'm totally a flower kinda girl. 

This is so soft and romantic... I have this side of me. :) 

This is so cute and adorable, with a hint of elegance. Just like me. HAHAHA. 

Who likes this yellow flower?! I think its not really my kind of flower but they are definitely gorgeous looking!!

Somehow, i love these flowers. I can't explain but i just love it. It kinda represents me but i don't know which part. haha. 

I love these.........~~~~~! They are so elegant and graceful. It is like they are telling you a story here. 

Ok not so me kinda flower. What about you? 

Love hate relationship for this. Give me your thoughts about it. 

I dream of going to Paris too. 

These are beautiful flowers. Really beautiful but doesn't speak ME. haha. 

Yes, definitely shouts a ME kinda flower. Fragile looking, sweet, graceful and strong. Makes me feel peaceful too. 

I really kinda like this but on a second thought maybe not. Contradicting indeed. 



And that is the Cloud Forest! The huge man-made waterfall is amazing. However don't catch a cold there as the place is wet and cold. 

Look at how strong the waterfall current is. 

And it was night time... I just lie down on the floor with my sister and we watched the show. It was quite boring but certainly calming. 

Hope you like my post for today and thanks for reading! 

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