Monday, June 9, 2014

Holiday Full Time Hobby

1.46am. I guess poker has become a full time hobby for me now as i know i am heavily 'addicted' to it now. Well i am not sure if that is addiction because it is not as if i am playing blindly but more like i am always finding ways to improve my game strategies. Quite certain that this is under the influence of my boyfriend because he was the one who started playing poker! I never know i would like card games because i don't play black jacks and i thought i always prefer playing mahjong.

Sound like a gambler? NO! I think i am playing with very decent hands with low risk. The consequence of losing those money probably won't make much difference in my daily life, but the winnings are very +EV.

Well, i hope i can learn some great new skills in playing poker games for this holiday. Don't think i am giving up on this ever soon.

Well if ever one day i become a professional poker player, i can be earning extra income in the casino. lol. That's just a dream. But its a good dream.

Yes im going to bed now! Goodnights

Thanks for reading

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