Monday, June 2, 2014

In Town // Imperial Treasure Quick Food Review

A few days ago, I went to town for dim sum at my usual place with my family. IMPERIAL TREASURE! This is one my favorite dim sum restaurants as the chefs really cook very authentic and high quality dim sum.

Before that, some selfie. :)

My boyfriend has a serious problem of not being able to smile properly in front of the camera. But he can smile perfectly when looking at me. HAHAHAH.
I know.... he is trying his best here. 

Some quick food review! 

One work delicious. Prawn is very well marinated. The skin is very smooth in texture. 

Rating 9.9/10 

What more can i ask for? This Siew Mai is amazing!!! 

Rating: 9.9/10 

Personally, i don't really like to eat char siew when i am eating dim sum. I prefer prawn. So from my own personal view I am rating this 9.7/10 

However unbias rating is 9.8/10 

If you ever visit Imperial Treasure, make sure you order their Liu Sha Bao. They make the most delicious liu sha bao in Singapore. This is not just from me but from many other reviews in the internet. Creamy, soft, smooth, absolutely tasteful. 

Rating: 10/10 

Very well marinated. 口感 is there 

Rating: 9.9/10 

Rating: 9.7/10 

The pork is slightly more salty than previously. 

Just a casual cheong fun dish. U will be surprise that u can taste this kind of texture from road side street in Hong Kong. Cantonese people can make very nice cheong fun. However, there isn't much surprise for this dish. Therefore.... 

Rating: 9.5/10

After lunch, we went for some shopping. Mummy bought me a new wallet and i oh so love it because my old wallet is seriously looking very ill. I am not buying Samantha Vega wallet again as their outer layer is easily teared. Changing to Michael Kors now. I am so happy i got this really lady-like and sweet looking grey wallet! 

I saw a matching handbag along with the wallet. I was hesitating because i seriously have no "feeling" to buy any "branded" bags now. I won't even use a Chanel bag now if you would to give me one. (Although i know i will want it when i grow older) I am happy and i plan to stay like this till i know it is time to get one. 

For now... Allow me to stick to the normal brands. 
My beautiful mama. We look so short here. haha. Her dressing style always shouts "I WANT YOUNG LOOKING ONES!"  

Ending off my post here with my little disgusted face. We were so tired after hours of shopping. Sat by a cafe in Paragon while waiting for mum to finish her chat with her friend. After that, we headed to East Coast for some seafood! God i was craving for crabs for quite a while every since exam started. 

I am truly blessed with good food around me. 

Will be doing a short post on that soon :) Stay tune! 

Thanks for reading 

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