Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jumbo Seafood

10.03pm. Ok, i wish i could give you guys better quality photos but my Canon Camera is tooo freaking heavy i can't carry it around with me that day. Now perhaps i might want a smaller camera for a more casual day out purpose. I remember how long it took me to finally decide on buying the T3i camera. Anyway this brings me to the topic of saving up. I saved for about 5 months (using all the money i earned from selling my jewelries plus some of my savings) to buy the camera. 

Now! I am saving up for invisalign! This will definitely take me a while to save up because its more than 10k... yeah.... all about getting that teeth straight and neat. I believe i will look better with straighter teeth. Overall my teeth is ok but if you look closer, my two front teeth is what people would call it as 'rabbit tooth' . I have two huge front teeth. haha. And they are not balanced! That is the disappointing part. 

I thought of doing braces instead. But honestly, invisalign takes a much shorter time to get the job done and i can still smile beautifully when i have invisalign on instead of a braces. I mean, the root is that i care a lot about outer appearance. Not gonna act like one who don't mind about appearances cause i know i mind. 

But definitely, inner beauty is very important too. I want both to be (almost) perfect. 

Ok! Enough of this topic. Let's get to food now! 

If you've been following me on instagram, you would know that i headed to Jumbo Seafood about two weeks ago at East Coast Park. Yes! Their crabs are soooooo delicious! I very much favour Black Pepper Crab than Chilli Crab. 

With Chef Chen Ka Cheong (left), consultant chef for Jumbo. And another big chef (right) from HK. 

My world evolves very much around food, fashion and beauty. I love food!!! But i am also very picky about food. I get upset when the food presentation is not nice. I get mad when food taste like rubbish. And i would nag & nag on it. Ask my boyfriend, he knows me well. (I suppose. That's what he said. haha) 

Ok 'apron' on and attack the food!

Chef Chan was telling us how much crabs he have to taste everyday. lol. He gets so sick eating crabs now. Yea...i can see why. Imagine eating beef everyday. First few times would be "Good Food. Expensive Food. Nice Nice Nice." And a hundred times of eating repeatedly would be like "I know its nice but I really don't wanna eat beef anymore."

Sorry that this picture looks so red. It was already night time and obviously i didn't use flash light to take this picture! 

I was so full that day because i had dim sum before this meal. I felt like i had too much good food in my stomach and it is somehow telling me to slow down. Yay... that's the thing when my mum is here. She eats around everywhere and basically her tummy is almost always filled with good food. 

Alrights guys that's all today. 

Thanks for reading!

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