Friday, June 13, 2014

My Health

9.58pm. It's a little worrying if my heart has any problems. I've been feeling quite weak lately and i always feel like my heart is not pumping enough. Sometimes when i stretch, i feel 'hollow' breath. My dad said i am thinking too much. I searched on Google and most of the results is either due to anxiety or a sudden heart attack. 

I was like 0.0 are you serious? My exam has ended so i don't feel stress. What am i anxious about? I also can't possibly have a symptom of heart attack because i am young and there is no heredity issue with heart attacks. I am not kidding. I do feel pain in my heart. 

I have heart palpitation ever since i am 10. My heart beat can rise up to 168 beats per minute. Even the specialist don't know the cause of it as my heart seems perfectly normal. They say i should learn to relax, have proper sleep and try not to feel too anxious. 

I guess i have a weak heart. So last week, i went swimming for some cardiac exercise. I almost had a heart palpitation while swimming but i learnt the way to handle it so i was fine. 

What am i thinking about? What kind of things is making me anxious? 

Perhaps i should start exercising more now and also do a thorough body check up. Definitely going to run or swim every once a week. Health is so important and i should really cherish what i have now. 

Morale of story today: Sometimes we get too busy doing 'stuffs' and we forget the most important thing which is health. Without health, you simply can't enjoy what you've been working hard for. 

Thanks for reading!

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