Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Potato Head Folk (Singapore)

8.44pm. Knowing that Potato Head Folk has opened in Singapore, i decided to patronize it! There are four floors in total in this Restaurant. We were only allowed up to the second floor in the afternoon. The third and the fourth are only opened in the evening. 

Staff welcomed us friendly. Actually we were a little lost at first because we didn't know where to go. Turned out there was a small door where you can go to the second floor. A passer by even asked if this place was opened haha. 

I observed that all the staff were dressed casually and a few of them were caucasians. Looks like this place is really vibrant and young. 

Outfit of the Day. All white. My favorite color style :).

Hmm hmmm what should i order?!

Busy looking around the decorations and the people. I think we were the youngest there at that moment. 

A staff, i supposed the manager, came to us with the menu. We asked him for recommendation. He was very friendly and politely recommended Baby Huey (one of their signature) and some other burgers. I ordered Baby Huey and my boyfriend ordered something else (which i forgot because Baby Huey was nicer) and fries. 

Baby Huey

I swear both burgers were SOOOOOO JUICY!!!! The juice literally oozed out every time we take a bite. The food was absolutely delicious but it was really messy eating it. Or is it just me. 

My boyfriend's order 

Sooooo juicy. The bread was so soft. And the sauce was well handled. 

The beef patty was so nicely cooked! 

The bill was about $50. I recommend at least one try here! The same staff who recommended their food to us came and asked if the food was ok and if we had anything else that we would like to try. Very friendly service. 

Location: Keong Saik Road 

Rating: 9/10 

I think this is by far the most delicious burger i've tried. Sorry but my range of burgers only include Carles Junior and Mac, LOL. Perhaps when i travel to America someday, i will truly fall in love with burgers. 

Thanks for reading! Just 2 more hours to the World Cup. Which team are you supporting today? 

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