Thursday, July 31, 2014

Singapore Zoo : Food totally not worth the value

Hello everyone! I was very dedicated to take a lot of animal pictures for this post. However, i got tired after a while due to the hot weather. LOL. I am so lazy! Actually i took a lot more than this but they are in my boyfriend's phone. Will upload them if he ever send them to me. haha. 

It has been years since i last visited the Singapore Zoo! I forgot how it look like but when i was there, i began to form bits & pieces of how Zoo used to look like from my memories. I know the path where we visit the Giraffe didn't change. I remember i was standing at that exact spot when i was in Primary One. And then i also remember i had sushi in the zoo. That was my first visit. My second visit was in Secondary School. 

Ok! Just for you guys to see some animals! 
Spot the crocodile. THEY NEVER MOVE. 

And this area stinks... That's how zoo is right! 

We waited until their feeding time! Nothing much to watch they were just eating chicken legs. However the information provided during the feeding time was interesting. 

As much as i love visiting the zoo, i do have a few complaints. 

The first one: POOR BEAR 

I have never seen a bear like this. Are there fungus or bacteria growing on the bear's body? I felt so sad when i saw him (or her i don't know). It seemed like it was dying from the severe heat... His position of lying down is quite funny to watch though haha. 

I hope the Zoo can do something about it!!! We want a white bear!!! Not a dying bear like this. He seems unhealthy as well. I don't know what went wrong but i wish something can be done. 

Ok, the second and probably the last complain that i have is The Food

We went to Ah Meng Restaurant to have our lunch. I know being in a tourist spot, you are expected to pay a higher price for the food. BUT I DIDN'T EXPECT IT TO BE SO EXPENSIVE!!! A BOWL OF FISHBALL NOODLE FOR $8.50 HELLO????

Ok nvm, since MBS's food court sells around this pice too. But wait, MBS sells Nasi Lemak at $6.50. Between Nasi Lemak and FishBall Noodle, i don't see why fish ball noodle should be more expensive than Nasi Lemak. Just comparing...

Decided to buy chicken rice instead at $9.50 and a Fish & Chips at $10.50.


You guys should know by now that i love eating and i hate food that is horrible. I find that it is a waste. The fish and the chicken died for nothing!!! You get what i mean?

Also, if you can price the food at such a high price, i do expect AT LEAST some quality in the food.

The rice in the chicken rice was hard, the chicken has no meat. We ordered roasted chicken BUT I DON'T FIND IT ROASTED AT ALL...

Feeling the anger as i'm typing this.

EVEN THE FOOD IN MBS FOOD COURT TASTES BETTER THAN THE ZOO'S, and they are priced around the same!!! How mad was I then.. haha. Simply grumbling while eating.



IN CONCLUSION: BRING YOUR OWN FOOD TO THE ZOO (so much cheaper and most importantly, you won't feel cheated)

Ok enough of grumbling. This is the ... ok i forgot the name of this garden ... but the scenery was quite breathtaking! 

Make a wish

That's the end of the post! I know this post is quite boring but i will work hard to do more interesting posts! 

And today marks the end of July!!! I can't say "I can't wait for August to come!" because to be honest, there is nothing much to look forward to. Nevertheless, i do hope better things will come. Yup, these few days have been pretty sad for me. But it is okay. There's always a rainbow after the storm. I'm just waiting for this storm to end. God knows when but let's just keep faith. 

Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Fairytale Wedding

A few days back, I attended a wedding. A beautiful pair of couple. Honestly, i haven't attend a wedding in Singapore once. The only times i attended was one in Hong Kong and one in Taiwan. Both were my aunty's wedding. I love attending ceremonies like this because it's so beautiful and happy! Also love attending fashion events of course haha.

That day was the first time i see my boyfriend in formal wear. He is so dazing hot! U guys know that my aunty and her son is in Singapore for their holidays. My cousin is so big now! I think he wouldn't look cute anymore a few years later haha. Right now, it is still ok.. Still fun to play with. lol.

At the age of 21, i had no intention to be married anytime soon. When i was younger, i said i will get married at 23 or 24 and give birth at 25. Right now, i say i will get marry at 29 and give birth at 30. Realistically, i should just say i will get married when both of us are financially very stable. One of the things i hate to see is financial issue being the cause of a divorce. Also, the top most hated subject is third party. I know i can't avoid the latter reason if it is meant to be happened but i think i can at least avoid the first reason right?

Imagine you are getting married say 2 years later (just when you start having a job), you will be down with many debts. For e.g, wedding debt, house bill and other expenses. All this can be avoided if you choose to stay unmarried :) . HAHA.

Note: I am not influencing anyone to stay unmarried. 

Speaking about marriage, there is a lot to talk about and i think i will do this in another post. Its time i predict what is gonna happen the next coming 10 years too. The crucial 10 years.

Back to the topic, attending the wedding!!!

One of the exciting parts for me to see the bride's wedding gown hahaha. It is also a lovely feeling to see them being blessed by everyone!

My cousin decided to take out my camera and take photos with me. He is very good at posing i swear.

Baby Bosco and his tiny teeth. haha. 

My bf came over shortly after and we took pictures tgt! So handsome right??? So smart looking (heart shape eyes)

My ootd to the wedding! 

I am finding a perfect lighting equipment to take ootd pictures in my house. I can't possibly ask my boyfriend to help me take my photos everyday. He is not the kind of person and also it is a bit troublesome to be going out to take pictures as well. I am not the kind of person who hangs out everyday as well. Sigh... but i just love dressing up. Lazy but love to dress up. u get what i mean? 

At Four Seasons that day. 

Wearing my jewelries :) I am designing another piece! Stay tune at my jewellery instagram page : kcym jewellery  

Honestly, i should have studied designing courses back then when i started Poly. But my mind was just too into business and making money that i thought designing is gonna be useless. Even now, i chose banking as my degree. I guess i can pick up designing along the way anyway. 
Violets are blue, roses are red.... And please continue (i forgot the next line). 

A few days after the wedding, it was our anniversary day!!! I made a photo album for him (us). He bought me lots of candles and a cake. He knows i love celebrating events with a cake. Be it CNY, Christmas, or whatever event, i love celebrating with a cake! I even like buying a whole cake to eat while watching tv. 

Subtly Sweet from Chocolate Origin. Very intense chocolate flavour. I love it! 

I wish them a wonderful marriage and a everlasting love. Holding hands together till the end of the road. 

I have so many things that i wanna blog about! Please stay tune! 

Thanks for reading! 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

No Picture Post

Had a busy day today. Initially it was supposed to be a care free/boring day at home but didn't turn out that way. Went over to pass some stuff to my buyers. Afterwards, i felt like i needed a massage and possibly a facial treatment too. So, i went to my usual facial shop Statice. Booked my massage and facial and then i thought "oh ya i want IPL as well" so turns out i spent 3 hours in the salon.

Tried out their organic facial treatment today!!! It is said to balance your skin pH level, reduce redness and sensitivity level. Well, just trying out their trial first before i decide whether i wanna purchase the package. Have not finished my other packages yet.

Not sure what happened but i became a clean freak. Right now i am not even satisfied with how the furnitures are placed in the house. It just makes me feel uncomfortable. I think i really need to buy a bigger shoe cabinet. Stuff all the shoes in so my house will look neater.

There are just a lot of problems right now and it is making me feel a little tired. Can't sleep well these few days. Last night, i woke up at 4am and was unable to get back to sleep. In between being conscious and unconscious, i suddenly felt stiff and a need to force myself to get up. Felt like two things were watching me. LOL. Not sure if i'm exaggerating here but i really felt uncomfortable. That happened twice last night. I could only sleep better when i heard birds chipping cause that means it is already morning! Morning means the sun is rising! If you know what i mean...

Perhaps my toilet is just a few steps beside my bed and that's why i am getting more and more uncomfortable. I haven't being able to sleep comfortable and wake up fresh for THE LONGEST TIME!!!

It is either me sleeping too much or having too little sleep.

Maybe it is because the Hungry Ghost Festival is coming and that is why i feel so uncomfortable. But that doesn't make sense because i didn't do anything wrong and i, actually, should not be afraid of anything like that. BUT I AM JUST A FREAKING TIMID PERSON! (cries)

And i seriously should stop watching those feng shui youtube videos man. I'm just making myself more nervous. I can't find the peace within now.

A little too much to think now. I swear family problem is the worst problem. At work, if you hate your boss, then u can change your job. At school, if you hate your lecturer, you can go for other classes and the most you will only see him for that semester. At home, if you hate what is happening, you can't change the family. You still see them everyday and due to lack of communications, it is even more difficult to solve the problem. The worst thing is when someone doesn't want to change then there is nothing you can do about it. What's left is just disappointment. Whatever hope is lost.

This has been on and off for 10 years. You will feel hope for the first two years. Then slowly you began to 'wake up' and know 'yup, just stop having hope. It is the best thing to do for yourself.' The most contradicting part is when you can't hope anymore but somehow someone has to hope for something in order to see if there can be any changes. Does anyone even understand? haha.

Sigh, this is just bits and pieces of life. Just a cut on your knee. That's what i'm telling myself. I will (but best not to) have many more cuts in the future be it my future family, future work, future things...

Hopefully when i die, i will be enlightened by these 3 words 'What is Life?' .

oK! I think i have crapped enough here. Goodnights!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Video // Vienna Buffet // Birthday Surprise

12.22pm. Just woke up not long ago. We did a surprise birthday celebration for Kuen Kuen! Know her since primary school and we have a primary school clique! 2 ladies and 6 guys. We went to her house at 11.30pm and we were walking around her apartment, didn't know how to go up. lol. Someone has to make a call and ask her to come down without her being suspicious about it. Yup, its me who made the call. I told her i bought her a birthday present at MBS & were just around her house area. (Which is like total suspicious because we don't usually meet alone!!! hahahaha. I also thought of another lie which is sth like "I quarrelled with my bf & i'm very sad now. I'm at your place." LOL. Total fail if i do this cause i don't do such things. HAHA.) 

But anw the surprise was quite a success i guess? We were anticipating her to come down from her house to the carpark so we ambushed ourselves at her lobby. And when she came out, we held the cake and sang Happy Birthday! Her father was there too. haha. 

After that, they played games while i play my Soccer Stars on my phone. Totally tuned out from them .haha

Ok this is the only picture that has me inside cause i didn't even know they were taking selfies!!! lol. 


Uploaded a new make up video a few days ago. First time using my canon camera & i'm so excited about it. I should try to speak in front of the camera for the next video. To be honest, i'm really nervous about that haha. 

Watch it here! 


Yesterday, my bf and i brought my aunt & her son out. I love Bosco so much! He is so adorable and active. Last time he used to be chubbier and smaller (which means more cute) but now i still find him cute! hahaha. 
He is coughing badly now so he can't eat any cold & sweet stuff. BUT... Well we just let him pose with popsicle haha. But eventually i secretly gave him eat a few mouth >< . Softhearted me. Children... So innocent & adorable! 


Vienna International Buffet 

Before my bf and i met up with them ytd, we had buffet for lunch!!! He say he loves the soba and the abalone there. I think this place is not bad HOWEVER i do feel that their dishes are slightly too sweet. Almost everything is sweeter than i thought. haha. But the prawns were really fresh!!! Although we had to take out the shit from it every time we eat, which is a little hassle. 

Lobster salad but where are the lobster meat? haha. Yup we found ONE in there. 

This is actually not bad... But i probably can find this else where too. Anw i was still very happy to eat here, cause its with my bf! hahaha. And we were so hungry before hand so whatever! 

Happiness level 100. 

Tonight, we will be attending his cousin's wedding. Stay tune on my instagram! 

Alright, i'm gonna learn how to make 鸡蛋仔 from my aunt now :) 
thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My weekly update!

5.48pm. Just finished packing my living room! All the new furnitures came in today. Now, i'm just waiting for the person to collect my old furnitures! Surprisingly, most of my stuff are white. White TV bench, white coffee table white sofa. The only thing that is not white is the lamp. I had a tiring day cleaning all the dust and thanks to my boyfriend he helped me out a lot too! 

My laptop was sent in for repair a few days ago. That is why i didn't blog! I have so many overdue pictures to upload. So... i think i will be rambling in this post. 

A few days ago, my bf and i went to watch Transformers. I love the movie! Bringing hope out of despair. However the only thing that i don't like is that - THE BAD GUY NEVER DIES. My boyfriend replied "They can't die or else there won't be any more Transformers." lol. 

The plot is always THE GOOD GUY REVIVES, THE BAD GUY GOT BEATEN BUT ESCAPED. Yeap... that's about it. Then a few days later, we went to watch Dawn of the Apes. In a way, i like this movie more than Transformers. 

I really love the character of Caesar. He is intelligent, brave and kind. I think i would fall in love with him if he was a human. haha. 

Sorry for spoiling the movie but the apes and the human will be going for a war in the next movie, ALL THANKS TO KOBA (the ape that got rescued in the laboratory). I guess i know why Koba feels that way. He hated humans so much while Caesar loves humans. I can see why. Koba had been tortured by humans all his life. He sees no kind side of them. It is really difficult to let go off this hatred and live a normal life. Sigh... I felt kinda sad when i was watching this. haha. Anyway! You will understand what i was saying only if you've watched the movie! If not, sorry for spoiling the movie. 

Can you see me? hahaha. 

Cause everyone was showing their transformers ticket on Facebook, so i am doing it now too. 

And then... Two days ago, we went for dinner at The Providore located at Mandarin Gallery. Actually we were to try something else i think but we changed mind (or was it me who changed mind). 

Wearing my KCYM necklace :) . I love this unicorn! I think a guy should buy a necklace like this for their gfs. Contact me if you want one :) . Price $128. 

I love this! But as i continued eating... i get more sick of it. I think I'm just not a raw meat person. 

But i love this Lobster Mac n Cheese! Want to go there and eat it again. The cheese fragrance was AWESOME. I love everything about it except for the price. It's a bit pricey i think. Forgot how much it was but it was about $35? 

Urgh i'm getting hungry now as I'm reading this. I did a make up video and i will be uploading on my youtube channel very soon! Due to some privacy issue, i need to settle it before uploading. Next time, i will try to speak in my video but i am really shy. Like seriously i am really not confident about the way of me speaking English. It is too singlish and i bet only Singaporeans will understand. 

Ok, these two weeks are gonna be busy for me! My aunty and her son will be arriving from Hong Kong tmr night i can't wait!!! And i'm thinking if i should go back to Hong Kong next month. Saw my mum eating seafood at 长洲. My grandma picks really FRESH seafood for us everything at SUPER AFFORDABLE price. I saw them eating abalone, fish, crabs, prawns and MORE. OMG ok i'm really hungry now. I guess i will stop here. 

Hope i didn't waste your time and thanks for reading! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

How to Remove Border from Picture in Blogger

ok! Quick Blog Tips! For years, i've been posting pictures with a grey border in my blog. It doesn't look neat and certainly doesn't look nice. Fortunately, i found a solution to it!!!

Big thanks to help logger for the coding. Google really has everything! 

To remove the border from your picture: 

Go to Template -> Customize -> Advanced -> Add CSS and copy paste this coding: 

.post-body img, .post-body .tr-caption-container, .Profile img, .Image img,
.BlogList .item-thumbnail img {
  padding: 0 !important;
  border: none !important;
  background: none !important;
  -moz-box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px transparent !important;
  -webkit-box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px transparent !important;
  box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px transparent !important;

And Apply to Blog

That's it!!! That simple :)



How To Remove Grey Background on Blogger Header // High Tea at TWG

12.40am. You know you have to do most of the things by yourself at the start. Learning how to edit pictures. Learning a little of coding. And today i finally solved HOW TO REMOVE THE GREY BACKGROUND ON THE HEAD BANNER on my blog!!!

You just have to go to Google Plus Setting (click here)
Scroll down and you will find Auto Enhance
Then just select OFF instead of Normal

There you have it!!! I have to credit this to a blog that taught me how to do it when i searched on Google. Thanks Beautiful Solutions!

Sometimes i feel that bloggers should share about the type of software they use to edit their pictures and etc... I do feel that some of them are stingy about these kind of things! Don't worry i'm more than happy to share with you these stuff. Add on, i edit the size of every picture before i blog. Sometimes i'm lazy but this time i am not. Do you know it's a hassle to edit every single picture!!? But for the sake of neat alignment i have to do it. Going for size 612px by 810 px today. 

Ok! Time to upload some outdated pictures.

Two week ago, i met up with Clarissa for high tea in town. We headed over to TWG and we chatted for close to two hours before we decide that its time to do some window shopping. haha.

A pretty babe that day with me. hehe. And i definitely need to do braces!! Saving for invasalign :( 

Just me :) Had a hair cut the day before. I'm intending to cut a little shorter than this! Should i? 

Bought my love at first sight heels from Charles n Keith. Ok honestly i have told myself to stop buying stuff from there because too many people are using it. Yup.. i'm the type who doesn't like using what most people are using. UNLESS ITS DAMN NICE. And sadly...this is one of the cases. I can't stop thinking about this shoe from the first day i saw it. 

I waited for a week before finally deciding that i'm buying this pair of shoe because i don't want to regret it. And also because i bought 2 pairs of sandal heels online just the day before i saw the shoe! 

I'm a shoe person and very much a watch person too. Does anyone understand what this sentence means? hahaha. Ok it just means that i love shoes and i love watches. Whenever i see someone, i tend to look at what watch they are wearing. NO NO, not materialistic. The watch just tells me 'maybe' what kind of person you CAN BE. Also, i tend to think that a person who wears a watch is good at time management. haha. 
So i bought this pair of white sandal heels! I love them! Can't wait to wear them out. What do you think? Gonna be quite busy this month as my aunty and her son is coming over to SG for a half month holiday. I have to bring them around Singapore. And this month is the FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY with my boyfriend! Ahhh i'm so excited! 

Ok, its getting late. I have to plan on what furnitures to buy for my living room. Also, i'm thinking of changing the color of my house wall. Currently it is yellow and orange. lol. 

That's all thanks for reading! I shared a song that i'm currently listening to now :)

Friday, July 4, 2014


I have a taste bud that only recognize good food. Is this sentence correct? lol Anyway here comes FOOD! 

I love to eat and eating is a bless. Right now, as i am trying to gain more weight i will eat almost everything! Everything nice. I just hope to gain a little bit more weight say until 44kg? I'm only like 42kg now. 

I've been trying to eat as much as i can but my stomach isn't cooperating with me. I feel full easily but i can eat every one hour interval or so. haha. Ok enough said i've been wanting to post this for a long time! 


Opens up till 2am!!! No need to squeeze in Bugis street and try really fresh and delicious food at Imperial Treasure! However, it is much more pricey than steamboat places such as Bugis. Nonetheless, worth a try! 

Just a note: While i am blogging, i am feeling really hungry. So right after this post i will be attacking my Chicken Wing from Ikea.


Didn't order much because we were feeling very full after dim sum. lol. But since my sister has been pestering about eating here, we shall fulfilled her wish. 

We ordered the 1st and 2nd generation along with some mini sushi~~~

A little bit too creamy i thought! 

This is actually quite nice! Served warm. 

Can't wait for the next food hunting trip. Where are the places that you will recommend? 

Thanks for reading!