Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Fairytale Wedding

A few days back, I attended a wedding. A beautiful pair of couple. Honestly, i haven't attend a wedding in Singapore once. The only times i attended was one in Hong Kong and one in Taiwan. Both were my aunty's wedding. I love attending ceremonies like this because it's so beautiful and happy! Also love attending fashion events of course haha.

That day was the first time i see my boyfriend in formal wear. He is so dazing hot! U guys know that my aunty and her son is in Singapore for their holidays. My cousin is so big now! I think he wouldn't look cute anymore a few years later haha. Right now, it is still ok.. Still fun to play with. lol.

At the age of 21, i had no intention to be married anytime soon. When i was younger, i said i will get married at 23 or 24 and give birth at 25. Right now, i say i will get marry at 29 and give birth at 30. Realistically, i should just say i will get married when both of us are financially very stable. One of the things i hate to see is financial issue being the cause of a divorce. Also, the top most hated subject is third party. I know i can't avoid the latter reason if it is meant to be happened but i think i can at least avoid the first reason right?

Imagine you are getting married say 2 years later (just when you start having a job), you will be down with many debts. For e.g, wedding debt, house bill and other expenses. All this can be avoided if you choose to stay unmarried :) . HAHA.

Note: I am not influencing anyone to stay unmarried. 

Speaking about marriage, there is a lot to talk about and i think i will do this in another post. Its time i predict what is gonna happen the next coming 10 years too. The crucial 10 years.

Back to the topic, attending the wedding!!!

One of the exciting parts for me to see the bride's wedding gown hahaha. It is also a lovely feeling to see them being blessed by everyone!

My cousin decided to take out my camera and take photos with me. He is very good at posing i swear.

Baby Bosco and his tiny teeth. haha. 

My bf came over shortly after and we took pictures tgt! So handsome right??? So smart looking (heart shape eyes)

My ootd to the wedding! 

I am finding a perfect lighting equipment to take ootd pictures in my house. I can't possibly ask my boyfriend to help me take my photos everyday. He is not the kind of person and also it is a bit troublesome to be going out to take pictures as well. I am not the kind of person who hangs out everyday as well. Sigh... but i just love dressing up. Lazy but love to dress up. u get what i mean? 

At Four Seasons that day. 

Wearing my jewelries :) I am designing another piece! Stay tune at my jewellery instagram page : kcym jewellery  

Honestly, i should have studied designing courses back then when i started Poly. But my mind was just too into business and making money that i thought designing is gonna be useless. Even now, i chose banking as my degree. I guess i can pick up designing along the way anyway. 
Violets are blue, roses are red.... And please continue (i forgot the next line). 

A few days after the wedding, it was our anniversary day!!! I made a photo album for him (us). He bought me lots of candles and a cake. He knows i love celebrating events with a cake. Be it CNY, Christmas, or whatever event, i love celebrating with a cake! I even like buying a whole cake to eat while watching tv. 

Subtly Sweet from Chocolate Origin. Very intense chocolate flavour. I love it! 

I wish them a wonderful marriage and a everlasting love. Holding hands together till the end of the road. 

I have so many things that i wanna blog about! Please stay tune! 

Thanks for reading! 

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