Monday, July 7, 2014

How To Remove Grey Background on Blogger Header // High Tea at TWG

12.40am. You know you have to do most of the things by yourself at the start. Learning how to edit pictures. Learning a little of coding. And today i finally solved HOW TO REMOVE THE GREY BACKGROUND ON THE HEAD BANNER on my blog!!!

You just have to go to Google Plus Setting (click here)
Scroll down and you will find Auto Enhance
Then just select OFF instead of Normal

There you have it!!! I have to credit this to a blog that taught me how to do it when i searched on Google. Thanks Beautiful Solutions!

Sometimes i feel that bloggers should share about the type of software they use to edit their pictures and etc... I do feel that some of them are stingy about these kind of things! Don't worry i'm more than happy to share with you these stuff. Add on, i edit the size of every picture before i blog. Sometimes i'm lazy but this time i am not. Do you know it's a hassle to edit every single picture!!? But for the sake of neat alignment i have to do it. Going for size 612px by 810 px today. 

Ok! Time to upload some outdated pictures.

Two week ago, i met up with Clarissa for high tea in town. We headed over to TWG and we chatted for close to two hours before we decide that its time to do some window shopping. haha.

A pretty babe that day with me. hehe. And i definitely need to do braces!! Saving for invasalign :( 

Just me :) Had a hair cut the day before. I'm intending to cut a little shorter than this! Should i? 

Bought my love at first sight heels from Charles n Keith. Ok honestly i have told myself to stop buying stuff from there because too many people are using it. Yup.. i'm the type who doesn't like using what most people are using. UNLESS ITS DAMN NICE. And sadly...this is one of the cases. I can't stop thinking about this shoe from the first day i saw it. 

I waited for a week before finally deciding that i'm buying this pair of shoe because i don't want to regret it. And also because i bought 2 pairs of sandal heels online just the day before i saw the shoe! 

I'm a shoe person and very much a watch person too. Does anyone understand what this sentence means? hahaha. Ok it just means that i love shoes and i love watches. Whenever i see someone, i tend to look at what watch they are wearing. NO NO, not materialistic. The watch just tells me 'maybe' what kind of person you CAN BE. Also, i tend to think that a person who wears a watch is good at time management. haha. 
So i bought this pair of white sandal heels! I love them! Can't wait to wear them out. What do you think? Gonna be quite busy this month as my aunty and her son is coming over to SG for a half month holiday. I have to bring them around Singapore. And this month is the FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY with my boyfriend! Ahhh i'm so excited! 

Ok, its getting late. I have to plan on what furnitures to buy for my living room. Also, i'm thinking of changing the color of my house wall. Currently it is yellow and orange. lol. 

That's all thanks for reading! I shared a song that i'm currently listening to now :)


  1. Casey ! You havent done the lipstick giveaway : (

  2. Sorry it was given already! lolol. U can suggest what to give away next! I'm thinking of a whole set of mask.