Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My weekly update!

5.48pm. Just finished packing my living room! All the new furnitures came in today. Now, i'm just waiting for the person to collect my old furnitures! Surprisingly, most of my stuff are white. White TV bench, white coffee table white sofa. The only thing that is not white is the lamp. I had a tiring day cleaning all the dust and thanks to my boyfriend he helped me out a lot too! 

My laptop was sent in for repair a few days ago. That is why i didn't blog! I have so many overdue pictures to upload. So... i think i will be rambling in this post. 

A few days ago, my bf and i went to watch Transformers. I love the movie! Bringing hope out of despair. However the only thing that i don't like is that - THE BAD GUY NEVER DIES. My boyfriend replied "They can't die or else there won't be any more Transformers." lol. 

The plot is always THE GOOD GUY REVIVES, THE BAD GUY GOT BEATEN BUT ESCAPED. Yeap... that's about it. Then a few days later, we went to watch Dawn of the Apes. In a way, i like this movie more than Transformers. 

I really love the character of Caesar. He is intelligent, brave and kind. I think i would fall in love with him if he was a human. haha. 

Sorry for spoiling the movie but the apes and the human will be going for a war in the next movie, ALL THANKS TO KOBA (the ape that got rescued in the laboratory). I guess i know why Koba feels that way. He hated humans so much while Caesar loves humans. I can see why. Koba had been tortured by humans all his life. He sees no kind side of them. It is really difficult to let go off this hatred and live a normal life. Sigh... I felt kinda sad when i was watching this. haha. Anyway! You will understand what i was saying only if you've watched the movie! If not, sorry for spoiling the movie. 

Can you see me? hahaha. 

Cause everyone was showing their transformers ticket on Facebook, so i am doing it now too. 

And then... Two days ago, we went for dinner at The Providore located at Mandarin Gallery. Actually we were to try something else i think but we changed mind (or was it me who changed mind). 

Wearing my KCYM necklace :) . I love this unicorn! I think a guy should buy a necklace like this for their gfs. Contact me if you want one :) . Price $128. 

I love this! But as i continued eating... i get more sick of it. I think I'm just not a raw meat person. 

But i love this Lobster Mac n Cheese! Want to go there and eat it again. The cheese fragrance was AWESOME. I love everything about it except for the price. It's a bit pricey i think. Forgot how much it was but it was about $35? 

Urgh i'm getting hungry now as I'm reading this. I did a make up video and i will be uploading on my youtube channel very soon! Due to some privacy issue, i need to settle it before uploading. Next time, i will try to speak in my video but i am really shy. Like seriously i am really not confident about the way of me speaking English. It is too singlish and i bet only Singaporeans will understand. 

Ok, these two weeks are gonna be busy for me! My aunty and her son will be arriving from Hong Kong tmr night i can't wait!!! And i'm thinking if i should go back to Hong Kong next month. Saw my mum eating seafood at 长洲. My grandma picks really FRESH seafood for us everything at SUPER AFFORDABLE price. I saw them eating abalone, fish, crabs, prawns and MORE. OMG ok i'm really hungry now. I guess i will stop here. 

Hope i didn't waste your time and thanks for reading! 

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