Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Video // Vienna Buffet // Birthday Surprise

12.22pm. Just woke up not long ago. We did a surprise birthday celebration for Kuen Kuen! Know her since primary school and we have a primary school clique! 2 ladies and 6 guys. We went to her house at 11.30pm and we were walking around her apartment, didn't know how to go up. lol. Someone has to make a call and ask her to come down without her being suspicious about it. Yup, its me who made the call. I told her i bought her a birthday present at MBS & were just around her house area. (Which is like total suspicious because we don't usually meet alone!!! hahahaha. I also thought of another lie which is sth like "I quarrelled with my bf & i'm very sad now. I'm at your place." LOL. Total fail if i do this cause i don't do such things. HAHA.) 

But anw the surprise was quite a success i guess? We were anticipating her to come down from her house to the carpark so we ambushed ourselves at her lobby. And when she came out, we held the cake and sang Happy Birthday! Her father was there too. haha. 

After that, they played games while i play my Soccer Stars on my phone. Totally tuned out from them .haha

Ok this is the only picture that has me inside cause i didn't even know they were taking selfies!!! lol. 


Uploaded a new make up video a few days ago. First time using my canon camera & i'm so excited about it. I should try to speak in front of the camera for the next video. To be honest, i'm really nervous about that haha. 

Watch it here! 


Yesterday, my bf and i brought my aunt & her son out. I love Bosco so much! He is so adorable and active. Last time he used to be chubbier and smaller (which means more cute) but now i still find him cute! hahaha. 
He is coughing badly now so he can't eat any cold & sweet stuff. BUT... Well we just let him pose with popsicle haha. But eventually i secretly gave him eat a few mouth >< . Softhearted me. Children... So innocent & adorable! 


Vienna International Buffet 

Before my bf and i met up with them ytd, we had buffet for lunch!!! He say he loves the soba and the abalone there. I think this place is not bad HOWEVER i do feel that their dishes are slightly too sweet. Almost everything is sweeter than i thought. haha. But the prawns were really fresh!!! Although we had to take out the shit from it every time we eat, which is a little hassle. 

Lobster salad but where are the lobster meat? haha. Yup we found ONE in there. 

This is actually not bad... But i probably can find this else where too. Anw i was still very happy to eat here, cause its with my bf! hahaha. And we were so hungry before hand so whatever! 

Happiness level 100. 

Tonight, we will be attending his cousin's wedding. Stay tune on my instagram! 

Alright, i'm gonna learn how to make 鸡蛋仔 from my aunt now :) 
thanks for reading! 

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