Saturday, July 26, 2014

No Picture Post

Had a busy day today. Initially it was supposed to be a care free/boring day at home but didn't turn out that way. Went over to pass some stuff to my buyers. Afterwards, i felt like i needed a massage and possibly a facial treatment too. So, i went to my usual facial shop Statice. Booked my massage and facial and then i thought "oh ya i want IPL as well" so turns out i spent 3 hours in the salon.

Tried out their organic facial treatment today!!! It is said to balance your skin pH level, reduce redness and sensitivity level. Well, just trying out their trial first before i decide whether i wanna purchase the package. Have not finished my other packages yet.

Not sure what happened but i became a clean freak. Right now i am not even satisfied with how the furnitures are placed in the house. It just makes me feel uncomfortable. I think i really need to buy a bigger shoe cabinet. Stuff all the shoes in so my house will look neater.

There are just a lot of problems right now and it is making me feel a little tired. Can't sleep well these few days. Last night, i woke up at 4am and was unable to get back to sleep. In between being conscious and unconscious, i suddenly felt stiff and a need to force myself to get up. Felt like two things were watching me. LOL. Not sure if i'm exaggerating here but i really felt uncomfortable. That happened twice last night. I could only sleep better when i heard birds chipping cause that means it is already morning! Morning means the sun is rising! If you know what i mean...

Perhaps my toilet is just a few steps beside my bed and that's why i am getting more and more uncomfortable. I haven't being able to sleep comfortable and wake up fresh for THE LONGEST TIME!!!

It is either me sleeping too much or having too little sleep.

Maybe it is because the Hungry Ghost Festival is coming and that is why i feel so uncomfortable. But that doesn't make sense because i didn't do anything wrong and i, actually, should not be afraid of anything like that. BUT I AM JUST A FREAKING TIMID PERSON! (cries)

And i seriously should stop watching those feng shui youtube videos man. I'm just making myself more nervous. I can't find the peace within now.

A little too much to think now. I swear family problem is the worst problem. At work, if you hate your boss, then u can change your job. At school, if you hate your lecturer, you can go for other classes and the most you will only see him for that semester. At home, if you hate what is happening, you can't change the family. You still see them everyday and due to lack of communications, it is even more difficult to solve the problem. The worst thing is when someone doesn't want to change then there is nothing you can do about it. What's left is just disappointment. Whatever hope is lost.

This has been on and off for 10 years. You will feel hope for the first two years. Then slowly you began to 'wake up' and know 'yup, just stop having hope. It is the best thing to do for yourself.' The most contradicting part is when you can't hope anymore but somehow someone has to hope for something in order to see if there can be any changes. Does anyone even understand? haha.

Sigh, this is just bits and pieces of life. Just a cut on your knee. That's what i'm telling myself. I will (but best not to) have many more cuts in the future be it my future family, future work, future things...

Hopefully when i die, i will be enlightened by these 3 words 'What is Life?' .

oK! I think i have crapped enough here. Goodnights!

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