Thursday, July 31, 2014

Singapore Zoo : Food totally not worth the value

Hello everyone! I was very dedicated to take a lot of animal pictures for this post. However, i got tired after a while due to the hot weather. LOL. I am so lazy! Actually i took a lot more than this but they are in my boyfriend's phone. Will upload them if he ever send them to me. haha. 

It has been years since i last visited the Singapore Zoo! I forgot how it look like but when i was there, i began to form bits & pieces of how Zoo used to look like from my memories. I know the path where we visit the Giraffe didn't change. I remember i was standing at that exact spot when i was in Primary One. And then i also remember i had sushi in the zoo. That was my first visit. My second visit was in Secondary School. 

Ok! Just for you guys to see some animals! 
Spot the crocodile. THEY NEVER MOVE. 

And this area stinks... That's how zoo is right! 

We waited until their feeding time! Nothing much to watch they were just eating chicken legs. However the information provided during the feeding time was interesting. 

As much as i love visiting the zoo, i do have a few complaints. 

The first one: POOR BEAR 

I have never seen a bear like this. Are there fungus or bacteria growing on the bear's body? I felt so sad when i saw him (or her i don't know). It seemed like it was dying from the severe heat... His position of lying down is quite funny to watch though haha. 

I hope the Zoo can do something about it!!! We want a white bear!!! Not a dying bear like this. He seems unhealthy as well. I don't know what went wrong but i wish something can be done. 

Ok, the second and probably the last complain that i have is The Food

We went to Ah Meng Restaurant to have our lunch. I know being in a tourist spot, you are expected to pay a higher price for the food. BUT I DIDN'T EXPECT IT TO BE SO EXPENSIVE!!! A BOWL OF FISHBALL NOODLE FOR $8.50 HELLO????

Ok nvm, since MBS's food court sells around this pice too. But wait, MBS sells Nasi Lemak at $6.50. Between Nasi Lemak and FishBall Noodle, i don't see why fish ball noodle should be more expensive than Nasi Lemak. Just comparing...

Decided to buy chicken rice instead at $9.50 and a Fish & Chips at $10.50.


You guys should know by now that i love eating and i hate food that is horrible. I find that it is a waste. The fish and the chicken died for nothing!!! You get what i mean?

Also, if you can price the food at such a high price, i do expect AT LEAST some quality in the food.

The rice in the chicken rice was hard, the chicken has no meat. We ordered roasted chicken BUT I DON'T FIND IT ROASTED AT ALL...

Feeling the anger as i'm typing this.

EVEN THE FOOD IN MBS FOOD COURT TASTES BETTER THAN THE ZOO'S, and they are priced around the same!!! How mad was I then.. haha. Simply grumbling while eating.



IN CONCLUSION: BRING YOUR OWN FOOD TO THE ZOO (so much cheaper and most importantly, you won't feel cheated)

Ok enough of grumbling. This is the ... ok i forgot the name of this garden ... but the scenery was quite breathtaking! 

Make a wish

That's the end of the post! I know this post is quite boring but i will work hard to do more interesting posts! 

And today marks the end of July!!! I can't say "I can't wait for August to come!" because to be honest, there is nothing much to look forward to. Nevertheless, i do hope better things will come. Yup, these few days have been pretty sad for me. But it is okay. There's always a rainbow after the storm. I'm just waiting for this storm to end. God knows when but let's just keep faith. 

Thanks for reading! 

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