Saturday, August 16, 2014


6 months ago, i was a very lazy girl at home. I don't volunteer to do housework. At most i would hang my own clothes and pack my room a little. That's it. It is rare that i would pack and clean my entire room on a regular basis. That was how i was! And that is just my room. What about my living room and kitchen? Neh~~ It was really none of my business. Due to several family reasons, i chose to neglect the living room and the kitchen cleaning part. 

It was until when my sister went overseas for her internship that i started cleaning up. I remember clearly that the first house chore i did was CLEANING THE TOILET. Before that, i have never cleaned a toilet. I choose not to! Why must i clean the toilet?! It is dirty and i feel like my body would stick with all the germs. yucks. 

So my sister was going internship for 6 months in Shanghai and that was when i started cleaning the house. And this 'cleaning disease' gets more and more serious. It got more serious these few weeks. haha. 

I packed the whole kitchen. Cleaning up, rearranging all the stuff and throwing away stuff. Wait, when i pack, i tend to throw away things. Things that won't be used are a waste of space. I am definitely not a hoarder. So when i packed, my sister and i would always quarrel. She likes to keep things and i like to throw away things. 


Just to remind you i am only 21 years old. 

Here's what I did after i woke up this morning: 

1.  I went to the NTUC to buy ingredients for tonight's dinner and other stuff (actually i do this a lot so it doesn't really matter when i am carrying 6 bags of groceries and walking on the street. Yup, i always feel weird when I'm doing groceries shopping because I DON'T SEE PEOPLE AT MY AGE DOING SUCH STUFF!) 

2.  After packing all my ingredients in the fridge, i made French Toast and a cup of TWG Tea for myself. Yeah... that's what housewife do in the afternoon right? That is call High Tea. It is the time when you feel like a royalty. 

Btw my french toast taste awesome today!!! This is just my 4th try haha. 

3. After feeling like a royalty, i was back to reality. It is time to prepare ingredients for tonight's soup! 

Just dump in everything and let it boil. But the cleaning after that annoys me. You know, you have to wash all that bowls that you use to wash the stuff. You have to keep the kitchen clean! 

4. After throwing in all those ingredients into the water, i washed the clothes. 

Not one round but TWO ROUNDS of washing. If there is space to hang later, its probably a three round. 

Washed the clothes, take all the dry clothes back, hang the dry clothes back to cupboard, time to hang the wet clothes. 

5. After that, i made my daily green smoothie. Took all the ingredients, washed them and dump them into the mixer. Didn't drink them straight after because i had to wash that mixer and the chop board and plates. By then i feel like wtf my hands are so dried up already. All that dishwasher soap and soaking my hands in the water. Sigh... life of a 'housewife'.  

Almost finishing my smoothie. Great for the skin! 

6. I then vacuum and mop the whole house. Basically,  i just cleaned my whole house. From the TV bench to the floor. Thank god i don't have to change my bed sheet and wash the toilet because i did that yesterday. LOL. Sometimes i wonder why am i doing this. But i can see why... 

7. I made pizza for tonight's dinner! 

Alright, that's all i did until now. And i guess i won't be doing more stuff as i have already did almost all the stuff. 

After reading this whole bunch of words, what is the morale of this post? 


Count yourself lucky if you have a mum at home doing all the housework for you. I believe that some 25 years old adults are still depending on their mother to do all the houseworks. Respect your mum for keeping the home clean and neat. They spent a lot of time packing and cleaning the house! Besides, packing and cleaning is a consistent thing. She throws the garbage bag for you daily and cleans the kitchen daily. Sometimes, she wash the clothes daily too. She mops the floor regularly, cleans the toilet for you and cook meals for you too. 

In addition, she loves you too. Can you imagine doing housework everyday and they weren't appreciated? They can go out to work and make new friends but they choose to save the money of not hiring a maid, just for the family. 

I did like a 4 hours 30 minutes of housework non stop straight after waking up today. I think i will be really disappointed if this effort is not appreciated. I will feel even more upset if  (imagine now i am a mum and i have a secondary school child who is very rebellious) my child doesn't listen to me. Oh wait now imagine my husband comes home late and always quarrel with you... Ok wait... that's a bit too far. BUT STILL! My main point is that APPRECIATE ALL THOSE WORK DONE FOR YOU. 

They do it without complain and they do it FOR THE HOUSE. FOR THE HOME. 

So what you should do today is to simply say a


These are simple yet powerful words. Say it today. It takes less than 5 seconds? 


Now that my mum is not living in Singapore with us, i do tend to miss her cleaning the house for us. She does a really good job in this. I admit i take her hard work for granted when i was younger. You may not notice that your study desk are being packed or that the empty toilet roll is being replaced, all these minor things are taken for granted. 

Those living in better life (with a maid) shouldn't take your maid for granted as well. Of course you pay them for doing all the work but their level of work goes with how much is being appreciated too. 


Alright, i have said all that i wanted to say. Honestly i kinda hesitated blogging this because it makes me feel so sad! But i just want everyone to know the importance of little effort done for you and be appreciative of it. Life is not easy. Those living in the green house certainly take a lot of things for granted. 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Hi Kacey. How did you do for UOL exams?

    1. Didn't do as well as i expected. At least i did my best!

  2. Its ok at least you graduated!! Im still in yr 2 and having a hard time. What honours did you get?

    1. no i haven't graduate. I just started uni last year! in banking & finance :)