Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)

Guess I am here in the photo below! Yeap... I was at Marina Bay Sands. My relative booked a room to experience the luxury lifestyle at MBS. Plus, they wanna go to the casino so why not!? haha. 
Waiting for the room to be packed. If you checked in earlier, you get rooms on the lower level. We waited till around 3pm to get a room on the higher level. 

My baby cousin and me ^^ . And i realised i have wrinkles on the eye!! Did you notice it? My cousin knows how to pose super well. He likes to act cool and he loves taking photos. I hope he don't turn out too woman-liked when he grows up. (><) . 

We were talking about him immigrating to Singapore for education purposes. And then we started talking about Singapore guys getting into NS. He knows that army is tough and he hates it. Sometimes i wonder what is on this 8 year old boy's mind. His thinking is really quite surprising! I told him all guys have to enrol into the army when he turns 18. Have to go for field camp and do all sorts of difficult things. Guess what he told me? He says he will commit suicide if he goes to the army so he will never become a Singaporean. LOL. 

Oh adding on, he says "You better not force me to go to the army. I will commit suicide. I WARN YOU!!" 

What is on his little mind???! I never know that an 8 year old boy can say such things. At that moment, i didn't know whether to laugh or scold him for saying such things. 

Yes, 8 year old. Knows all sorts of funny face pose. 

And even knows how to eat my hair. 

Ok going back to MBS.

My bf came over too. 

We have not been up on the 57th floor. This is our virgin trip! And this is after one year of being together. So, we have to take more pictures! (Or perhaps its just me who wants to take more pictures. He never likes taking pictures and never really like helping me to take pictures too. And this is the sad part. He can take a few but if you want some more, he will give you the face "I don't want to take anymore." And you know thats the time to stop and go emo)

Wearing my new necklace!!! The word KACEY is hand written by me and then made into a necklace. 100% handmade. I plated the name pendant black too but it isn't total black. But anyhow, i love it!!! I've been wearing this everyday. 

My cousin sure knows how to enjoy. With his oversized tee. hahahahaa. 

All taken by my cousin! I think he is talented in photography. haha. Really sad that they are leaving this Thursday otherwise he can help me take all my outfit photo. HAHA. I just need someone to press that shoot button for me at home. 

Someone please help me photoshop away all the people. I think the swimming pool is so crowded today! And its only Tuesday. 

Ok last picture.  

I'm sorry i'm not blogging the past few days! You see... i don't always hang out now so my life isn't very interesting like the rest. However, when i go out, i will definitely blog. Yup... Recently, i just love staying at home. Maybe it is because i find it too tiring to be going out everyday and spending all the unnecessary money. 

Ok Thanks for reading! xx 


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