Saturday, August 30, 2014


My boyfriend and I always pass by this Japanese stall along west gate. That day, we were looking for a place to have lunch and decided to try it out! 

I wasn't having a lot of expectation to the food because it doesn't appear to be very 'delicious' to me. haha. 

Their noodles are handmade and called H Noodle. I read it on their board. What is so special about this H noodle? I have no idea! I don't really like the noodle. But, their soup base is really NOT BAD. I can't say it was fantastic so the best words to describe it is NOT BAD. 

Duck Ramen $13.90 

Ok, the duck was really tasty! I hate that they are so stingy with the number of duck meat they gave me! Only 3 pieces in each bowl. That two fried brown rectangular pieces in the bowl there were NOT BAD as well. However, you will get sick of the heavy pig oil taste after having one piece. But i was surprised by myself to be even eating a whole piece up because i normally consider this food to be unhealthy (so i won't eat and also because they are fried. I don't eat a lot of fried food). So i ate one piece and a half. The fragrance of it was really nice. 

I would rate the duck meat to be the first (9.5/10) , then the soup base (8.5/10), then the noodle (8/10) and lastly that rectangular piece (7/10). haha. 

Black Garlic Ramen Set ($13.90) 

PATHETIC FOR MY BF HE ONLY GOT ONE PIECE OF PORK! There aren't much difference between the normal soup base and the black one. But you will notice that slight difference in the addition of ingredient in the black garlic soup base. 

Rate 8/10. I wanted to rate 8.5/10 but i deducted 0.5 marks BECAUSE THERE IS ONLY ONE PIECE OF MEAT SERVED. And the food is not SUPER NICE too. So..... as a commoner, you will know how i feel. haha. Anw, the half boiled egg can be improved too. Timing wasn't right. 
This is their H noodle. 

Pathetic gyoza also super small piece. Nothing much to say about gyoza. Didn't surprise me so i guess it is the same with the ones you eat outside. 

And below is the Menu. 

I might try this the next time because i really love the duck meat! So now that i have told you about my experience dining here, you won't be surprised if you are served with very little ingredients. That is just their style. 

Thanks for reading! xx 

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