Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hanging out with Bf

Hello everyone! How did you all spend your 1st August? I spent mine with my boyfriend :) . We headed to town to watch Guardians of the Galaxy! But before that ! ... I need to eat my lunch! 

Old Town Cafe 

Taste not bad. Compare the amount i pay for this to my experience in the Zoo, THIS IS SO MUCH MORE BETTER. (If you haven't read my previous unpleasant dining experience in the zoo. read it here
I feel like i need braces. Should i just get a normal metal braces or an invasalign? 

Guardians of the Galaxy is worth watching! Unfortunately, i didn't enjoy the movie experience all thanks to my eye problem. My eyes were very sensitive to the bright lights in the movie. I was having a headache as well. Felt like i was suffering instead of enjoying. haha. The funniest part was that i have to wear my sunglass in the movie!!! What??? My boyfriend was laughing because he thinks this is funny. At least the sunglass blocks some of the lights to my eyes. 

Why is this even happening? Not the first time i felt pressure in my eyes and consequently a headache. So i think i will stay at home these few days haha. 

After the movie, we went to city hall and then we walked to MBS. We explored that beautiful church just beside city hall met too. haha. Felt like an adventure ;p . 

Stopped by near Esplanade to eat local food. 

Then we walked again and stopped by to eat Kraze Burger. By that time, we were already exhausted. 

Salmon Burger with Mac & Cheese as side dish. Mac & Cheese served cold. 

ahhh.... feeding time.. 

No, we didn't put a camera and set timer. My cousin took these for us. He was at MBS with my aunty as well. He loves taking picture. 

I know it is very sudden but alright, Thanks for reading! 

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