Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sakae Sushi Buffet

Sushi buffet with my aunty and my baby cousin at Orchard Gateway! Well, not a baby anymore but he is still a baby to me. We ordered all the food we could. 

Adults are entitled to 1 red plate and 2 pink plates for the buffet. 
Must order Chawamushi

Must order fried tofu

just trying this out. It is scallop. I say 7/10 for taste! 

The thing about buffet is that since you get to eat as much as you want, you want to avoid rice as much as possible. hahaha. 

That was all that we could eat. I wish we could order some more but we were too full by then. I am not entirely please with the food because honestly, they don't taste that delicious. Wish Genki Sushi can have a buffet like this too. I will whack all their salmons and prawns!!! 

Alright, this is just a short post. There are not much to talk about food. It is either GOOD or BAD. The pictures do most of the talking. 

Tomorrow is Sunday! Enjoy the weekend :) xx 

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