Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Look

Cheers to Midweek soon! Here are the details of my outfit that day to MBS. Wore something casual and just in case it gets cold, i took a sweater along.

Jumpsuit: The Editors Market
Sweater: Cotton On 
Sunglass: H&M
Watch: Micheal Kors 

My cousin wants to join in too. hahaha. He is so cute! Love him so much. 

Alright, will blog again soon. Things have not been quite smooth recently. I'm quite troubled with my grades now and i'm trying to figure out a way to it. Should i take 4 2 subjects per year or 3 3 subjects per year? If i take 2 subjects the last year, i can do a part time job. But i am afraid if i can still focus in school. Anyway, students who are taking 3 subjects are doing a full time job. I should have more confidence in myself. My results really disappoint me but i've done all my best. No regrets in how i studied except that i could start earlier. 

Thanks for reading! xx 

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