Friday, September 19, 2014

How SIM UOL works | Things to know (part 2)

Hi everyone! It has been a year since i've enrolled into UOL. I hope this piece of information helps you along the journey here.

In part 1,  i talked about getting into the school, the bridging course, the school fees and etc. In today's post, i will be focusing on things to check/look out for!!!

Click here for part 3 where i talked about my results and everything you need to know about exams in UOL. 


I really regretted throwing away those notes just straight after exam. Even if you think you are super confident that you will score an A, just don't throw. Keep all the lecture notes and tutorial notes first until you receive your result. This is to prevent you from having to reprint/rewrite everything IF you fail any of those subjects. I am speaking from past experience haha. I thought i would at least get a pass for Microeconomic but unfortunately i failed. My micro lecturer was the best micro lecturer in school so of course his notes are presumably the best. BUT I THREW THEM ALL AWAY.


In 2015, NO STUDENTS WILL BE ABLE TO SEE THE NAME OF  THE LECTURER ON THEIR SELECTED TIMETABLE SCHEDULE ANYMORE. Meaning to say, you don't know which lecturer you 'are getting'. Why is this so important? I assure you it is because every lecturer's teaching method is different. You may, unfortunately, get a lecturer whose teaching style is not suitable for you. Put bluntly, they don't teach that well compared to other lecturers of the same subject. There are a few lecturers teaching in same subject in the school. 

Imagine you get a lecturer who makes u get more confused in your subject while your other friends attending the other lecturer's lesson understand everything. Who is gonna get the good marks there? We all want good grades.

Then what do you do??? We crash other people's lecture lor. We simply find what is the other lecturer's timetable and then crash his/her lesson. Only thing to take note is that you have to do this EARLY because you might be off track due to different lecturer's speed and teaching method.

CHECK OUT ON and just search for SIM UOL

There is a forum discussing all the things you need to know in UOL. It is very good!


Every lecture is 3 hours. THERE ARE NO TUTORIALS so there are no lessons held in classroom. Everything is in the lecture hall with a whole bunch of other lecture mates.

When you select your timetable, u get to choose 4 different time slots:

Morning class: 8.30 am to 11.30am 
Afternoon class: 12pm to 3pm 
Evening class: 3.30pm to 6.30pm 
Night class: 7pm to 10pm

As you can tell, there is a 30 minutes interval in every time slot for students to take breaks. You can squeeze all your 4 lessons in one day. You start your day from 8.30am to 10pm. So u only go school one day BUT by the 3rd lesson, i guarantee your brain is not gonna work efficiently anymore. There will be too much information going on.

Also, i don't recommend you to select a morning class and an evening class on the same day. Then what you are going to do in between 12pm to 3pm??? Usually after my morning class, i will want to go home straight. Its too tiring! haha

To make sure your understand every lesson attentively, the best is to have one lesson each day. For example: Today i have my Microeconomics lesson at morning class. Tomorrow i have my Investment Management at afternoon class. Or i can select my timetable on a Monday then another one on a Wednesday. All up to you.

You will be assigned to different enrolment timings. This is called the enrolment exercise. SIM will send you an email telling you when is your enrolment exercise. - selecting your timetable.

If you are at the second batch or so, the good timings will get taken away. But on and off they will add in new timeslots for students to choose.

There was a few times i only get to choose Friday lesson 3.30 to 6.30 or Saturday lesson 8.30 to 11.30. After a while, there were new timeslots coming in. You can always email the school admin for a switch of timings if you give them valid reason.

RECOMMENDED LECTURER (Based on the lecturers i had and the course i'm taking. I am taking Banking & Finance)

For PBF (Principles of Banking & Finance): I actually don't recommend Mervyn. His lesson is a little hard to understand. So definitely not for slow learners like me. lol. But he is very patient and he will answer your questions if you need help! So please ask him if you need any help in any concepts that you don't understand.

For CF (Corporate Finance) : I don't recommend Esther. She talks super fast and she never stops talking for straight 3 hours. So its either you get it or you don't get it. I would just say some of the concept is not well explained. As in for me, some of the things she say don't make sense to me. She was trying to explain but i just don't understand what she is talking about. Again, if you are not very academic smart, you might want to choose a lecturer who talks slower and clearer.

For Micro (Microeconomics): Derek Hui's class. HE IS AWESOME. I think it is because i have already studied Micro before (my previous micro lecturer was Mark Harris who is a very popular lecture in the school but sadly has resigned all of a sudden) so concepts were more easily absorbed. But i have to say he teaches REALLY WELL. He stressed on important words and he SPEAKS CLEARLY. He tells you the reason behind every concept. Everything is just clear and neat.

For POA (Principles of Accounting) : I was in Manek's class. Erm, i don't actually like the way he teaches because its just copying what he writes on the screen. As in, he only do one or two examples of each topic without really explaining the whole concept. You know what i mean? For e.g. this question tests you on knowledge A but this whole topic might consist of A B and C.

For IM (Investments Management) :  Pick Jonathan Peh. I was in his class. I recorded his lesson & listen it back at home. Everything is hand-written. Very good. He is the recommended lecturer for IM too.

Ok i'll stop going on this list because you can get so much more recommendations on other lecturers on hardwarezone.


To make more friends, you join those subject's whatsapp chat group. Just go to hardware zone (Search SIM UOL LIP LAIS) and you will see that there are people creating whatsapp chat for a particular subject. Join it because you never know when you need help! For e.g. crashing into their class and knowing the venues & etc.

Alternatively, just be brave and say HELLO THERE! when you are in the lecture. Usually people will choose to sit one seat away from you. I don't know why but people do that. Its like saying "ok... i don't want to make friends. don't talk to me. i can't find other seats." Then they put their bag separating you and them. haha.

OK! I think i am done for now! Those are just my views so you don't have to follow if you feel otherwise.

Thanks for reading and hope this helps you on your journey in UOL and have a happy lifestyle in school!

BTW the school's canteen is always packed with people i think Makan place from Ngee Ann Poly is a good alternative if you need lunch after class. haha.

update: Just received my final results last night, read here for part 4 last part.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Imperial Treasure x random stuff

I apologised for not updating my blog for 11 days. haha. Time passed so fast i swear. School has finally started! I am taking 3 modules this year and another 3 next year. Supposedly i passed my Micro last year, i would be doing my final year this year. Unfortunately i failed so i have to retake that and that makes me studying one more year as i have exceeded the subject to take limit. The first thought of failing was horrible because i thought i did well enough to at least get that paper a pass. Now i think this might be better for me as I can really focus on all 3 subjects now. Imagine i have to take 5 subjects this year. I kinda doubt myself in handling 5 new subjects and having only 6 months to prepare. 

So! All is good and i will be posting the second part about SIM UOL. I received so many views on that post and i realise i have a lot more to say! 

Ok, here comes the food. LOL, what a sudden change of topic. I am best at changing topic btw. 


Imperial Treasure. Always the best. 

Tried on a new outfit and they are so comfy to wear! Looks like a pyjamas i think and my butt shape was super obvious (if you look carefully at the mirror on the right of the picture). I bought the top only at $10 from h&m! Didn't buy the pants because, although it was comfortable, it was not worth $40. I would say totally no consumer surplus if i buy that. haha. Besides i have another pair of soft black pants that is exactly the same and bought from Dailylook. 

I am starting a new interest and that is 'gardening'. This plants are 1 month old. Initially they are not growing so fast until i changed the soil to organic soil meant for edible plants. I am growing Chilli plant now! hahaha. See how healthy they are?! 

And also went to Hawaii landscape to buy some new flowers. Going to the florist never fails to excite me. I was literally smiling from ear to ear hahaha. Wish i could have a big garden to plant them all. 

That day before heading for school, i notice this plant resembling a butterfly. So beautiful right?!

During school, my bf and i drew this cute little cartoon. haha. I love it. 

Today i bought a new pot of flower because the previous one died due to the fertilisers i put. The fertilisers killed 3 pots of plant. :((( . I'm never gonna use those fertilisers again! 

Alright! Time to sleep!