Thursday, September 18, 2014

Imperial Treasure x random stuff

I apologised for not updating my blog for 11 days. haha. Time passed so fast i swear. School has finally started! I am taking 3 modules this year and another 3 next year. Supposedly i passed my Micro last year, i would be doing my final year this year. Unfortunately i failed so i have to retake that and that makes me studying one more year as i have exceeded the subject to take limit. The first thought of failing was horrible because i thought i did well enough to at least get that paper a pass. Now i think this might be better for me as I can really focus on all 3 subjects now. Imagine i have to take 5 subjects this year. I kinda doubt myself in handling 5 new subjects and having only 6 months to prepare. 

So! All is good and i will be posting the second part about SIM UOL. I received so many views on that post and i realise i have a lot more to say! 

Ok, here comes the food. LOL, what a sudden change of topic. I am best at changing topic btw. 


Imperial Treasure. Always the best. 

Tried on a new outfit and they are so comfy to wear! Looks like a pyjamas i think and my butt shape was super obvious (if you look carefully at the mirror on the right of the picture). I bought the top only at $10 from h&m! Didn't buy the pants because, although it was comfortable, it was not worth $40. I would say totally no consumer surplus if i buy that. haha. Besides i have another pair of soft black pants that is exactly the same and bought from Dailylook. 

I am starting a new interest and that is 'gardening'. This plants are 1 month old. Initially they are not growing so fast until i changed the soil to organic soil meant for edible plants. I am growing Chilli plant now! hahaha. See how healthy they are?! 

And also went to Hawaii landscape to buy some new flowers. Going to the florist never fails to excite me. I was literally smiling from ear to ear hahaha. Wish i could have a big garden to plant them all. 

That day before heading for school, i notice this plant resembling a butterfly. So beautiful right?!

During school, my bf and i drew this cute little cartoon. haha. I love it. 

Today i bought a new pot of flower because the previous one died due to the fertilisers i put. The fertilisers killed 3 pots of plant. :((( . I'm never gonna use those fertilisers again! 

Alright! Time to sleep! 

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